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We’ll help you achieve a lifetime of financial security and we’ll do it unlike anyone else. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive financial plan that is implemented with proven products and solutions, delivered by a team of experts and backed by Northwestern Mutual’s financial strength. We don’t have shareholders or report to Wall Street, so we focus on doing what’s right for you. We’ve been helping people take control of their financial futures for nearly 160 years. Our financial management approach continues to set us apart and is the reason why families and businesses trust us to lead the way in today’s evolving economic environment. Good corporate governance means policyowners’ interests are paramount. We operate in a way that enables Northwestern Mutual to remain financially strong so that we can pay benefits promised to our policyowners.
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2013 Annual Report 
2013 annual report 
Policyowners: Find out how your company’s doing, how your peers are finding success, and how you can build a sound retirement plan. It’s all inside your 2013 Annual Report mailing. Plus, don’t miss your proxy voting materials.