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Northwestern Mutual’s investment portfolio supports the company’s participating insurance products and contributes to the company’s financial strength. Here you will find background on the strategy that guides the portfolio and the asset holdings within.

2014 Midyear Investment Update

Northwestern Mutual's 2014 Midyear Investment Update shows the state of our general account investment portfolio as of second quarter 2014. It also includes a message from Chief Investment Officer Ronald Joelson and a section on the impact of changing interest rates.

Download the 2014 Midyear Investment Update

2013 Investment Report

Northwestern Mutual's 2013 Investment Report tells the story of how the company's investment strategy, expertise and year-end results enhance the company's exceptional financial strength and long-term success.

Download the 2013 Investment Report

Power of the Portfolio

This material explains Northwestern Mutual's unique strategy for managing its investment portfolio and how the company’s investment performance determines its dividend interest rate on participating insurance and annuity products. The 2014 version includes several examples of the company’s real estate and private equity investments and a section on why Northwestern Mutual’s general account portfolio is well positioned regardless of the direction of interest rates.

Download Power of the Portfolio

Detailed Listing of Investment Holdings

Download a comprehensive listing of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company's investment holdings, as of
December 31, 2013.

Schedule A — Real Estate
Schedule B (Parts 1, 2 & 3) — Mortgage Loans
Schedule BA (Parts 1, 2 & 3) — Other Long Term Invested Assets
Schedule D (Part 1) — Long Term Bonds
Schedule D (Part 2) — Stocks
Schedule D (Part 3) — Long Term Bonds and Stocks Acquired During Current Year (2013)
Schedule D (Part 4) — Long Term Bonds and Stocks Sold, Redeemed or Otherwise Disposed of During Current Year (2013)
Schedule D (Part 5) — Long Term Bonds and Stocks Acquired and Disposed of During Current Year (2013)
Schedule D (Part 6) — Shares of Subsidiary, Controlled or Affiliated Companies
Schedule DA — Short Term Investments
Schedule DB (Part A) — Options, Caps, Floors, Collars, Swaps and Forwards Open as of 12/31/13
Schedule DB (Part B) — Future Contracts Open as of 12/31/2013
Schedule DB (Part D) — Counterparty Exposure for Derivative Instruments Open as of 12/31/2013
Schedule DL (Parts 1 & 2) — Securities Lending Collateral Assets
Schedule E — Cash

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