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Nuño,  Robert MAM, CLTC :   Coral Gables, FL
robert nuño
Nuño,  Robert  MAM, CLTC
Wealth Management Advisor

Upon completing his college studies on a ROTC scholarship, Robert Nuño spent four years in the U.S. Army as a specialist in Nuclear, Biology and Chemical Defense and Special Operations. The culmination of his military career was receiving the Meritorious Service Medal for his work in developing procedures for soldiers and units to be able to operate and survive on contaminated battlegrounds. Following his full-time military experience, he continued to serve the country in the U.S. Army Reserve while he launched his civilian career in financial services.

Robert Nuño talks about his career.

Making a Difference

Every day is different, yet every day I enjoy my job more and more. I have the ability to lead a team to positively impact individuals, families, and businesses. It makes my career worthwhile when a client demonstrates gratitude in a touching manner, for example receiving a hug and a sincere thank you for helping make a difference in their lives.

Career Rewards/Challenges

I am wired to serve others, especially my family. With this career, I am self-employed in the service of others while having the flexibility and ability to be well compensated for something I am passionate about. I am able to adapt to changing professional and family needs and demands, and I thrive on the concept of sweat equity becoming financial equity in my block of investment and insurance business. Having the ability to apply everything I learned in the army to the real world has been a driver in my success in this business. I apply the discipline, problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, communication, strategic thinking, commitment, conviction and the value of service to the work that I do today.

The greatest challenges in this business are balancing what you want to do with what you need to do. The early years can be brutal for newcomers; to succeed requires applying the skills you acquire in the military on a daily basis, but for those with motivation and drive, this career provides a significant amount of satisfaction.

Career Advice

Think twice. Think thrice. Commit. Put your head down. Trust the system. Listen to those who have succeeded. Work hard. Never, ever quit. This is a self-motivated mission to serve.

Learn More About Robert Nuño

Visit Robert Nuño’s website to learn more about his career as a wealth management advisor.

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