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As a financial representative, your local office will provide support so you don’t have to do it alone – including comprehensive training and development, a team of mentors and ongoing support to help you build your career. Your hard work will be rewarded with opportunities for growth and exceptional income potential.

Training Programs 

Continuing Education 

Leadership Opportunities 




Giving You Tools and Skills

Northwestern Mutual has been recognized for its training programs, which help financial representatives get started quickly and continue to develop over their careers.

Fastrack Training

The Fastrack development system gives you the confidence and skills you need to become a successful financial representative.

  • Fastrack Basics builds a foundation of knowledge in financial services and helps you finalize your own personalized marketing plan.
  • Sales School teaches you how to prospect for clients and develop enduring relationships.

The Northwestern Mutual Learning Network

The Learning Network provides quality, job-relevant training in a timely, consistent and convenient manner. It has two main components:

  • The virtual university offers online access to enrollment, tracking, testing and learning events, as well as a centralized library of courses and resources.
  • The traditional university provides individual and group classroom training at your local network office or at home office-sponsored schools. Self-study, paper-based training is also available.


TEAMwork (Techniques to Encourage Accountability and Measurement) is a training program that compliments the Fastrack development system. It’s designed to maintain a high level of accountability and performance through ongoing training, helping to maximize a new representative’s growth. It includes daily meetings with a coach during the first two months, weekly programs to help you develop sound sales and business practices, and a monthly study group to help you grow and develop your business.


The Learning Never Stops

We provide an ongoing curriculum for your educational growth and personal development.

Our financial representatives are encouraged to earn professional designations to increase their knowledge and reputations. Northwestern Mutual provides financial support to representatives as they pursue advanced professional designations and certifications.

Leadership Opportunities

After establishing your own practice, you may choose to pursue a leadership role. Leadership roles offer growth opportunities through recruitment, development and retention of fellow representatives, by opening new offices, strengthening existing ones and supplying the overall structure and support to maintain and grow the network offices.

There is no one way to explore leadership opportunities. Everyone's career path is unique. If entering a leadership role interests you, you can also maintain your own practice while helping other representatives build their own.

Through our distribution system, leadership opportunities include, but are not limited to:

Through the L.E.A.D. (Leadership through Education, Achievement & Development) program you have access to an exclusive training curriculum that will help you develop the skills needed to take on a leadership role in your network office.

College Unit Director (CUD)
Lead a group of energized college interns, taking part in "One of America's Top Ten Internships, 1997-2014."*

*Vault Guide to Top Internships, 2014 edition.

Field Director (FD)
Assist in the recruitment and selection process in order to build a cohesive unit of productive full-time financial representatives.

Managing Director
Take on the unique challenge of balancing personal production and managing a district network office.

Managing Partner
Create a vision and be responsible for the overall success of a network office.


We provide continuous opportunities for advancement through specialization.  Everyone’s career path is unique, so our financial representatives control the choices they make to help direct and further their careers.

Choose to specialize in market niches such as disability income, long-term care, annuities and investments.

You may also choose to become a financial advisor of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC or a wealth management advisor of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company®.


Exceptional Income Potential

This career offers exceptional income potential. What you earn is directly related to your sales results and the relationships you develop with your clients.

We help our financial representatives set standards for their careers by establishing minimum earning levels that all representatives are required to achieve. Your local office will discuss these standards with you and help you project your financial needs and your potential income at start-up and over the long term. Together, you will set strategic business goals.

Financial representatives are compensated through commissions, renewals and bonuses. To help you get started, we offer eligible financial representatives a Training Allowance Program during the first four years as a financial representative, which provides enhanced commissions on certain policies and contracts you sell. It’s your incentive to build a strong business foundation. Meet your goals and you will build a solid income base that you can rely on year after year.

Excellent Benefits

While you help provide financial security to your clients, we are committed to offering a benefit program that provides a high level of financial security for you. Whether you are single or married with a family, Northwestern Mutual’s benefit package will address the various stages of a full-time financial representative’s life.

These benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage – This package covers financial representatives as well as spouses, same-sex domestic partners and dependent children. Representatives in their first three years automatically receive the company share of the monthly premiums without a minimum earnings requirement.
  • Retirement – A two-part program paid by Northwestern Mutual consisting of defined benefit and defined contribution plans.
  • Flex Programs – These are voluntary programs that reduce your taxable income by using pre-tax dollars to pay for group medical premiums, life insurance or out-of-pocket health care expenses.
  • Maternity Leave – Individual maternity leave options can be discussed within your local network office. Reach out to your field manager for details.
  • Group Life and Accidental Death Benefit – New financial representatives are eligible for life insurance and accidental death benefits.
  • Disability Income Insurance – Our long-term disability plan provides for monthly payments to help replace income in case the representative becomes unable to work.  The monthly payment is based on the pre-disability income, which is the average of the preceding two calendar years of income without bonuses.


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