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As financial representatives build impactful relationships with clients and help them achieve their financial goals, they solidify their own future as well. While doing so, you can have a career that provides independence and balance. Join a company where your hard work is valued and rewarded. The financial representative career at Northwestern Mutual truly has exceptional potential.

The Mission 

A Good Balance 

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Your Career

At Northwestern Mutual, financial representatives form enduring relationships with clients through an ongoing financial planning process. This process reflects our belief that over a lifetime, most people will experience many different financial needs and circumstances.

After thoroughly assessing your clients’ needs, you will recommend and provide insurance and investment solutions to help meet their financial security goals. But the relationship doesn’t end there – you will provide ongoing reviews to help them adjust their plan while building long-lasting relationships over time.

Working for Northwestern Mutual means you’ll be part of a company with a solid reputation – one with strength, values and a commitment to diversity. For nearly 160 years, Northwestern Mutual has been helping clients achieve financial security. Working for a top-rated company like this will allow you to start your financial planning career on a solid foundation of success.


Make an Impact

As a financial representative, every solution you implement with your clients can help secure their financial future and that of their families or businesses.

You will be actively involved in helping to protect what’s important to their family’s future and make their lives better, building enduring, trusting relationships so that you can be there throughout their lives.

You will also help business owners prepare for their futures, helping them with their business plans, retain key employees and protect against unforeseen risks.

By building trusted relationships with your clients, you develop a solid reputation in your community. As you take part in helping community members achieve their goals, you demonstrate a broader commitment to empowering the community as a whole.

Experience the rewards of a career in which you can have a daily, positive impact on people’s lives, including your own.

Choose a Lifestyle

When you invest the time and hard work necessary to build your own successful practice as a financial representative, you can enjoy the rare and envied rewards of achieving financial independence and balancing work with your personal goals.


The Right Fit

Northwestern Mutual has local offices located throughout the United States. A local network office will take you through a mutual discovery interview process to assist you in making an appropriate, informed decision about the financial representative career.

This mutual discovery process gives you and the local network office a chance to learn more about your abilities and goals as you learn about the commitments of the career.

We will help you explore and develop your own personal market opportunities, understand the commitment to building enduring relationships, and determine if this is the right career for you.


Set Up for Success

Successful financial representatives experience tremendous pride and satisfaction in building a practice from the ground up with support from their mentors, network office and the company. Their success is not a factor of luck or chance; it’s the result of a productive work ethic, strong relationship skills and a level of professionalism second to none.

Our financial representatives have exclusive access to a variety of proven solutions and services – from life insurance, disability income insurance and education funding options to retirement planning, estate planning and business planning.

As you strive to understand your clients’ goals and assess their needs, you can draw upon the technical know-how of trusted, local financial specialists and advisors. Together, you’ll create customized solutions and offer your clients the guidance they need to help them make the right informed choices.

Just as your clients trust and rely on you to provide expert guidance, you can trust and rely on Northwestern Mutual, its subsidiaries and affiliates to provide sound solutions for your clients.


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