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Our goal is to help make each client's vision a reality. We’re committed to helping our financial representatives achieve their visions, as well. As a financial representative, your potential is as unlimited as your energy, commitment and drive. Your hard work determines your rewards.

Your Career 

Selection Process 

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Your Career

We offer a personalized approach to providing customized financial solutions tailored to each client's individual needs.  You’ll provide needs-based analysis and financial solutions to help ensure a client's needs are met at every life stage.

You’ll work closely with clients to develop customized solutions that meet long-term financial goals and objectives. You’ll have exclusive access to insurance products from top-rated company Northwestern Mutual, as well as disability income insurance, and an array of quality financial products and services available through our subsidiary companies and affiliates.

By establishing enduring relationships with clients, you develop your skills in fact finding and referral prospecting. These skills are at the core of helping your clients achieve their goals and your mission.

With your commitment, the assistance of our specialists and the support of your local network office, your vision can become reality.

Mutual Selection Process

Northwestern Mutual has network offices located throughout the United States. A local network office will take you through a mutual discovery interview process to assist you in making an appropriate, informed decision about the financial representative career.

This mutual discovery process gives you and the local network office a chance to learn more about your abilities and goals and you learn about the commitments of the career.

Your Local Network Office

Your local network office will support you through your training and development. With over 150 years of experience, Northwestern Mutual understands the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

You'll have assistance in developing your business and marketing plans, extensive training and coaching from certified trainers. You'll also have access to the specialists who have the expertise to work with you and your clients in a variety of areas.

Build Your Business

You’ll have the unique opportunity to create your own destiny and determine the impact you’ll have on the lives of your clients, families and your community.

Successful financial representatives experience tremendous pride and satisfaction in building a practice from the ground up. Their success is not a factor of luck or chance; it's the result of a productive work ethic, strong relationship skills and a level of professionalism second to none.

Your Clientele

You'll draw your clients from one or more of the following markets: Personal Planning Analysis Market, Small Business Market or Estate Planning Market.

Your goal is to discover each client's needs and goals and help map a path to meet them.


  • Decide how to build your business by choosing your clients and the markets you want to pursue.
  • Build your business to the level of success to which you aspire.
  • Achieve financial independence with a rewarding career that can offer flexibility for family, friends and leisure-time activities.

Your Expertise

You can build areas of expertise to provide customized recommendations that can help your clients make financial decisions they can feel good about. You can work with your clients in a variety of areas bringing in knowledgeable groups of financial advisors and specialists to assist you and you can work as a team with a member of your local Network Office.

Your Potential

Every solution you implement helps secure the financial futures of your clients, their families or businesses. As you continue to build strong, long-term relationships with your clients, your practice will continue to grow.

As your practice grows, you can expand your influence in your community. With satisfied clients comes more business, and more rewards as those clients share with their associates and friends the value of your relationship.


Support for Success

Our financial representatives have exclusive access to a variety of world-class solutions and services from life insurance, disability income insurance and education funding alternatives, to retirement solutions, estate analysis and business needs analysis expertise.

As you strive to understand your clients' goals and assess their needs, you can draw upon the technical know-how of trusted, local financial specialists and advisors. Together, you'll create customized solutions and offer your clients the guidance they need to help them make the right informed choices.

Just as your clients trust and rely on you to provide expert guidance, you can trust and rely on The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates to provide sound products and services for your clients.

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While you help provide financial security to your clients, we are committed to offering a  benefit program that provides a high level of financial security for you.

Whether you are single or married with a family, Northwestern Mutual's benefit package will address the various stages of a full-time financial representative's life.

These benefits include:

Comprehensive Medical Coverage - This package covers financial representatives as well as spouses and dependent children. Representatives in their first three years automatically receive the company share of the monthly premiums without a minimum earnings requirement.

Retirement - A two-part program paid by Northwestern Mutual consisting of defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Flex Programs - These are voluntary programs that reduce your taxable income by using pre-tax dollars to pay for group medical premiums, life insurance or out-of-pocket health care expenses.

Childcare/Eldercare - Our assistance plan can help you find solutions to your dependent-care needs.

Maternity Leave - Individual maternity leave options can be discussed within your local Network Office.

Group Life and Accidental Death Benefit - New financial representatives are eligible, subject to underwriting, for life insurance and accidental death benefits.

Disability Income Insurance - Our long-term disability plan replaces a percentage of a financial representative's average monthly Northwestern Mutual income up to a monthly maximum amount.

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