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At Northwestern Mutual, we’ve been helping clients achieve financial security for nearly 160 years. Join our team in carrying on that tradition. Northwestern Mutual’s internship program is ranked “One of America’s Top Ten Internships1” for good reason. As a financial representative intern, you’ll have the flexibility to pursue your studies while getting real-world job experience. Providing clients solutions to help them achieve their financial goals can help you achieve your dreams, too.

1 "One of America's Top Ten Internships, 1997-2014" Vault Guide to Top Internships, 2014 edition.

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Try Out a Career with Meaning

For many college students, it’s hard to visualize the future. Our internship is a valuable opportunity that will provide you with real-world work experience. The Northwestern Mutual internship allows you to experience a career that provides flexibility and rewards while helping others achieve financial security.

Whatever career direction you ultimately choose, the financial representative internship helps you build on your classroom learning and develop skills that you’ll use for a lifetime.

"I know this is where I want to be for a full-time career. I’ve been able to tailor my courses to benefit both my academics and my professional career so I can grow in both worlds that I belong to."
Hear directly from interns    

Internships are available to full-time students. During the school year we will help you create a work schedule that coincides with your school schedule.

Discover a Mutual Fit

As an intern, you will work out of a local Northwestern Mutual office. Once you apply, the next step would be to visit that office for a mutual discovery interview process, which gives you and the local network office a chance to learn more about your abilities and goals and allows you to learn about the commitments of the internship program.

You will receive help exploring and developing your own personal market opportunities, understanding the commitment to building enduring relationships, and determining if this is the right career for you.


Daily Commitments

Once you’ve completed our top-notch training program, you will be part of the network office team, working with financial representatives and professional office staff either part-time during the school year or full-time during summer. You’ll be part of a support system and will receive ongoing training and coaching while you work to help clients achieve financial security.

"One key perk with this internship is you have opportunities to meet interns across the country and to learn how to model your practice after the most successful people in this company."
Hear directly from interns

As a financial representative intern, you will use Northwestern Mutual’s personalized financial planning process to offer financial solutions tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances over his or her lifetime. You’ll follow these key steps in our process, working with mentors and through joint work with experienced colleagues:

Identify Your Clients’ Goals
You will meet with potential clients to find out where they have been, where they are right now, and where they hope to be personally, professionally and financially in the future.

Develop a Personalized Plan
You’ll work with our proven tools and other financial experts to analyze your clients’ financial situation and develop recommendations to help them achieve financial security.

Implement Strategies
You’ll help bring your clients’ financial plans to life with proven products and quality solutions.

Ongoing Reviews
You’ll continue to work with your clients throughout their life to adjust their plan and help them stay on track.

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See the Internship Experience for Yourself

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be supported and mentored by some of the most successful people in the country? Many students don’t – until they become Northwestern Mutual interns.

Our “Day in the Life” video shows what days are like for three college students who work as financial representative interns at Northwestern Mutual. You’ll see the tools they use, the mentors who inspire them and the challenges they face as they learn the business and uncover their potential for success.

You, too, can uncover your potential for success. Get started and experience the rewards of a financial representative internship with Northwestern Mutual.


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