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Northwestern Mutual's internship is ranked "One of America's Top Ten Internships"1 for a good reason – it gives you real-world experience from Day One.

As a financial representative intern, you are trained and mentored by industry veterans who know what it takes to succeed. You learn how to run a practice from one of the most respected companies around. And you test drive a career where you can achieve your goals and have an impact on people’s lives.

1 "One of America's Top Ten Internships, 1997-2014" Vault Guide to Top Internships, 2014 edition.

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Try Out a Career with Meaning

Can you envision a life of financial independence, freedom and calling your own shots? What about a career where you help clients achieve their dreams and meet your goals at the same time?

For many college students, it’s hard to visualize the future. That's why our internship is such a valuable opportunity. It shows you what you can become in the real world.

"I know this is where I want to be for a full-time career. I’ve been able to tailor my courses to benefit both my academics and my professional career so I can grow in both worlds that I belong to."
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Whatever career direction you ultimately choose, a Northwestern Mutual internship helps you build on your classroom learning and develop skills that you’ll use for a lifetime.

Discover a Mutual Fit

As an intern, you work out of one of our many Northwestern Mutual network offices located throughout the United States. Once you apply, the next step would be to visit a local office for a mutual discovery interview process.

This mutual discovery process gives you and the local network office a chance to learn more about your abilities and goals and you learn about the commitments of the internship program.

If you and the network office agree the internship is a good fit, you’ll get started with a training period and learn our exclusive Fastrack training system. Your local network office provides you with office space and what you need to get started.

Flexible Schedule

Internships are available full-time or part-time, depending on your schedule. Many interns start full-time in the summer and continue working for us part-time through the rest of their college careers. Throughout the internship experience, you’ll have access to Northwestern Mutual mentors and joint-work programs to support your development and help build your practice.

"The personal interactions bring all the value in the world because anywhere I go, I’m always going to have to stay at a certain level to compete and talk to people. Building that as well as building my own practice and having entrepreneurship experience helps me go out and compete in the market."
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Step into Opportunity

Once you’ve completed our top-notch training program, you have the option of working full-time or part-time to get the real-world experience and rewards of the financial representative internship.

Most interns consider it their full-time job over the summer and expect to work at least 40 hours per week. If you continue while a full-time student, you could work 15-20 hours per week during the school year.

As a Northwestern Mutual intern, you will be part of the network office team, working side-by-side with financial representatives and professional office staff. You’ll see the independent and entrepreneurial spirit that our financial representatives share, and follow the same process they do for establishing your career.

"One key perk with this internship is you have opportunities to meet interns across the country and to learn how to model your practice after the most successful people in this company."
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Specifically, you’ll practice the personalized approach we use to offer financial solutions tailored to each client's individual needs. You’ll follow these key steps in our process, working independently with guidance from experienced colleagues:

Meet With Clients
You'll set up appointments to discuss your clients' current financial situation.

Analyze the Client's Situation
Through extensive fact-finding, you'll uncover long-term goals that you will use to help determine your client's needs.

Make Recommendations
After evaluating your client's current situation and goals, you'll determine what products can help fill their needs and present appropriate solutions to your client.

Provide Ongoing Service
You'll continue to work with your clients beyond the close of the sale. Most financial representatives contact their clients twice per year to determine whether their needs have changed, and keep them aware of the resources available to them.

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Work for Yourself, Never by Yourself

You’ll find that the Northwestern Mutual internship is more than a summer job. It’s a truly meaningful experience that builds your business skills and helps clients achieve their hopes and dreams.

You’ll learn about our process. With support from your network office, you’ll work for yourself, but never by yourself.

The hands-on intern experience includes partnering with financial representatives who show you how it’s done through mentoring and joint-work programs. Like your colleagues in the network office, you have ready access to the resources of Northwestern Mutual, including:

  • A coach who meets with you regularly to help evaluate and fine-tune your efforts for greatest results.
  • Trusted financial specialists and advisors with technical know-how to help you create customized solutions for your clients.
  • World-class Northwestern Mutual products and services including life insurance, disability income insurance and education funding options, as well as retirement planning, estate planning and investment options.

    "My best experience as an intern was when my joint work partner, Mike, who did most of the talking on appointments, actually wanted me to do the appointment. It was a reflection of how much I had grown in my professional ability for the person who I learned everything from to sit quietly and let me show all I had learned."
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Just as your clients trust and rely on you to provide expert guidance, you can trust and rely on Northwestern Mutual to provide you with mentors that inspire you sound products and services for your clients.


Imagine the Day: Growth and Success

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to work for yourself, meeting with clients, or working in a career with virtually unlimited income potential?

Many students don’t – until they become Northwestern Mutual interns.

Fun, freedom and hard work go hand in hand as you practice the discipline of managing a business schedule, helping clients and doing what you need to succeed. Interns tell us it’s rewarding and challenging – and sometimes more than they expected.

Our “Day in the Life” video shows what days are like for three college students who work as financial representative interns at Northwestern Mutual. You’ll see the tools they use, the mentors who inspire them and the challenges they face as they learn the business and uncover their potential for success.

“It’s a lot of responsibility but it’s a lot of good experience at the same time.”
“It’s a rewarding internship – I know every morning when I wake up that I will have an opportunity to have an impact on families and generations, and that means a lot to me.”

"What you put into it is what you get out.”

Uncover your potential for success. Get started and experience the rewards of a financial representative internship with Northwestern Mutual.


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