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Our financial representative internship provides the opportunity for students to receive top-notch training and mentorship from a highly respected company. Those who commit to the internship will be rewarded in numerous ways and will gain experiences invaluable to their post-collegiate careers.

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Learning to Succeed

Being a Northwestern Mutual intern gives you a chance to test-drive a financial representative career while you’re still in college. That’s because you have access to the same training and resources provided to our award-winning sales force.

But it’s our first-rate training program that will give you the confidence and skills you need to be successful.

The training program will help you start to build a foundation of knowledge in finance, insurance and sales cycle concepts, Northwestern Mutual’s traditions and products, and how to manage your activity. Checkpoints help ensure you are on track, and your local office mentors and coaches will be there to answer your questions as you progress.

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Build Something with Support from All Angles

You’ll find that the Northwestern Mutual internship is more than a summer job. It’s a truly meaningful experience that builds your business skills and helps clients achieve financial security.

Like a new financial representative, you’ll develop a client base and work to build a successful practice. The hands-on intern experience includes partnering with financial representatives who show you how it’s done through team-based mentoring programs. Like your colleagues in the local office, you have ready access to the resources and expertise of Northwestern Mutual, including:

  • A coach who meets with you regularly to help evaluate and fine-tune your efforts for greatest results.
  • Trusted financial experts and advisors with technical know-how to help you create customized financial plans for your clients.
  • Proven Northwestern Mutual products and services including life insurance, disability income insurance and education funding options, as well as retirement planning, estate planning and investment solutions.

“My best experience as an intern was when my joint work partner, Mike, who did most of the talking on appointments, actually wanted me to do the appointment. It was a reflection of how much I had grown in my professional ability for the person who I learned everything from to sit quietly and let me show all I had learned.”
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Just as your clients trust and rely on you to provide expert guidance, you can trust and rely on Northwestern Mutual to provide you guidance as you help your clients achieve financial security. At Northwestern Mutual, you’ll work for yourself but never by yourself.


Long-Lasting Benefits

As a Northwestern Mutual intern, you’ll have the opportunity to be rewarded in many ways. You’ll have the chance to:

  • Combine college classroom learning with real-life experience
  • Work in a real-world business environment
  • Earn performance-based compensation

But that’s not all. Through the internship, you’ll realize a myriad of benefits that will help you well into the future, setting the stage for your career.

Personal Benefits

The internship helps build self-confidence and interpersonal skills, which will allow you to:

  • Build better, stronger relationships.
  • Enjoy the rewards of helping others.
  • Have a positive impact on families and businesses.

Professional Benefits

Your enhanced networking ability will help you connect with others in various business situations. Many interns have also said that the experience has helped them learn to manage their time and improve their communication skills. 

Career Benefits

A prestigious internship with one of America’s Top 10 programs1 will show evidence of your abilities, demonstrate your commitment to personal growth, and confirm you are a strong candidate for any future educational or professional opportunity.

And if you choose to become a full-time financial representative, you’ll have already built a solid foundation for continued future success. In fact, one in three interns go on to pursue a satisfying career as a full-time financial representative. The rewards and growth opportunity are apparent, as nearly half of Northwestern Mutual’s field leaders and many of our executives started as interns.

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1 According to Vault, Inc., The Vault Guide to Top Internships, 2014 edition


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