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Our financial internship provides a unique opportunity for students to learn the business, showcase their development and become successful through proven techniques and tools.

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Discovery and Rewards in the Real World

As a Northwestern Mutual intern, you'll have the opportunity to work for yourself and be rewarded for it in many ways. You'll learn how to be successful in a financial representative career, and have the chance to:

  • Combine college classroom learning with a real life experience
  • Work in a real-world business environment
  • Earn performance-based compensation

And that’s not all. Through the experience, our interns say they:

  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn to more effectively manage their time

Discovering what they are capable of leads one in three interns to pursue a satisfying career as a full-time financial representative.

The rewards and growth opportunity are apparent as nearly half of Northwestern Mutual’s field leaders and many of our executives started as interns.

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Experience a Career

Being a Northwestern Mutual intern gives you a chance to test-drive a financial representative career while you’re still in college.  That’s because you have access to the same training, resources and mentors provided to our award-winning sales force.

Like a new financial representative, you’ll develop a client base and work to build a successful practice. You can partner with more experienced financial representatives and expand your knowledge through joint work. You'll receive comprehensive sales training and participate in mentoring and joint work programs for hands-on experience.

But it’s your training in the Fastrack Development System that will give you the confidence and skills you need to be successful.

Day One: Fastrack Basics

Fastrack Basics will help you start to build a foundation of knowledge in finance, insurance and sales cycle concepts, Northwestern Mutual's traditions and products, and how to manage your activity.

Checkpoints help ensure you are on track, and your local office mentors and coaches will be there to answer your questions as you progress.

First Three Weeks: Fastrack Sales School

During your first three weeks, Fastrack Sales School will teach you Northwestern Mutual's sales process, with an emphasis on obtaining favorable introductions and comprehensive fact finding. You’ll take necessary licensing exams and learn through experience to:

  • Prospect, handle objections and effectively build relationships.
  • Ask probing and challenging questions to uncover a prospective client's needs.
  • Identify and understand a prospect's needs to help create solutions.
  • Convey your conviction for our business and our needs-based analysis process.

Mutual Success

As a Northwestern Mutual intern, you are trained as a professional, you work side-by-side with successful professionals, and you have the same opportunity to achieve as they do. But what about the strength and success of Northwestern Mutual?

Northwestern Mutual’s success is based on building relationships with clients by analyzing their needs and helping them meet their goals. This process reflects our belief that most people will experience many different financial needs and circumstances over a lifetime.

Our interns learn how these needs fit into Risk Management, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Preservation and Distribution.

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A Foundation of Learning, Earning and Impact

Whatever you do after graduation, you are sure to reap long-lasting benefits from a Northwestern Mutual internship. The real-world experience sets the stage for a career by helping you better understand yourself and what it takes to be successful.

Personal Benefits

With improved self-confidence and interpersonal skills you can:

  • Build better, stronger relationships
  • Enjoy the rewards of helping others
  • Have a positive impact on families and businesses

Professional Benefits

Your enhanced networking ability will help you connect with others in various business situations and your experience helps you become an independent self-starter in any endeavor.

Career Benefits

A prestigious experience with one of the America's Top 10 internships1 will show evidence of your abilities, demonstrate your commitment to personal growth and confirm you are a strong candidate for any future educational or professional opportunity.

And if you choose to become a full-time financial representative, you’ve already built a solid foundation for continued future success.

"What I liked most about my internship was setting my own schedule, getting to meet with the type of people I want to meet with, and also the great friendships I’ve made within my office and within my agency that I couldn’t have found anywhere else."

Think about what a financial representative internship can do for you.

1 According to Vault, Inc., The Vault Guide to Top Internships, 2014 edition


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