Accident or Illness 

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Challenges in life can include an accident or illness that changes your life in an instant and also your financial security.

Living with a disability is something most people don’t like to think about. Chances you will face a disability may be greater than you think.

Living with a Disability

Being disabled doesn’t mean living an inactive life. Shopping malls and restaurants have implemented solutions for those in wheelchairs, corporations have adapted work spaces for blind and deaf people, and public transportation can now be relied upon by those with physical impairments.

Any number of modifications can be made to your home so you can maintain your independence. Talk to an occupational therapist about what changes should be when living with a disability to help make your home a safer and more productive living environment.

Redefining Relationships

A disability can have profound effects on family dynamics.

  • Veteran parents suddenly faced with a special needs child can feel nervous and tense.
  • Couples may need to learn how to understand and love each other more intuitively.
  • Siblings may misinterpret the extra attention given to a sister or brother with a disability.

Honest and consistent communication is the key to growing your relationships through a disability.

Talk about non-disability issues—especially with the person affected with the disability and the primary caregiver. Communicating day in and day out about nothing but the disability can get exhausting and cause people to feel as though the disability has taken over their lives.

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Northwestern Mutual Can Help

A death or disability in a family could seriously hinder the financial future of a partner or children, if precautions are not taken. A well-designed and customized protection plan may include life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance taking into account the individual needs of each family member.

Living with a disability may change your life. Challenge preconceived notions, focus and strive for excellence in all you do.

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