Challenges in Life 

financial security: go beyond one day at a time 

Losing Your Job

Losing your job is one of the challenges in life no one wants to face. It takes a toll on your ego and also affects your financial security.

Northwestern Mutual can help you understand your alternatives for financial security when you’re losing your job.

Accident or Illness

Challenges in life can also include an accident or illness that changes your life in an instant and also your financial security. How can you prepare to ensure you’re protected for unexpected events and where can you go for the services you may need?

Northwestern Mutual’s financial planning can help you deal with the unexpected impact on your financial security from an accident or illness.


Divorce is so common these days that most people don’t realize the emotional impact it can have. Your perspective can help your self-esteem. Also consider the changes to your financial security.

Financial planning with Northwestern Mutual can help deal with the complications of divorce.

Loss of a Loved One

Of all the challenges in life, the loss of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences. Remember certain activities will help with the healing process and others may impede the process.

Learn more about dealing with the loss of a loved one.

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