7 Stories: How Disability Income Insurance Affected My Life 

Maybe you've witnessed first-hand the effects an illness or an accident has had on someone you know. Maybe you've witnessed them struggling to rehabilitate themselves, get back to work, or even pay the bills.

Did you ever wonder how you would cope if a disability happened to you?

Northwestern Mutual has created a brochure titled, "This is My Story - How Disability Income Insurance Affected My Life" and it helps you to do just that.

The brochure describes seven different disability income claims from actual policyowners' points of view:

This is My Story – How Disability Income Insurance Affected My Life
Meet ordinary people who found themselves in scenarios that could actually happen to you. While protecting these policyowners' identities, these real stories illustrate the different ways a disability can unexpectedly happen and how disabilities change people's lives every day. You'll also see why having an income is critical for both your financial and mental well-being should you ever become sick or injured and unable to work.

At the time these individuals purchased their disability income policies, the possibility of actually becoming disabled was an unimaginable possibility. Yet, they still made the decision to establish this critically important type of financial protection, and when the unimaginable became a reality, they were able to concentrate on their medical conditions, knowing their finances were in order.

In each of these stories, disability insurance made an important impact in the lives of these individuals and their families who depend on them.

Protect Against the Unpredictable

Life is unpredictable and illnesses or accidents often come without warning, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared in case the unpredictable occurs.

Including disability insurance in your financial planning will allow you to sustain yourself - and those who depend on you - throughout a disabling illness or accident.

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