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Our article library provides information to help you make financial planning decisions for retirement planning, college savings, and much more. Also, you can learn about the latest economic and financial market news and the outlook of market conditions. Contact a financial representative for guidance on these topics or questions about our products and services.

Financial Planning

Business Planning

Lifeline in a Perfect Storm: How One Small Business Survived a Crisis
8 Steps for Successful Entrepreneurs
Getting Down to Business: What You Need to Know
10 Point Plan to Prepare Small Businesses for Disasters
Employer-Provided Group Life Insurance
What's Key for Your Business?

Challenges in Life

What Happens to Your Digital Assets When You Die?
Financial Planning When You Have a Loved One with Special Needs
The Longevity Revolution: Costs of Caregiving
What Risks Do You Face?
Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One
How It Feels to Be Disabled
Special Planning Is a Must for Individuals with Special Needs
Special Needs Planning Process

Disability Insurance

Have You Protected Your Most Valuable Asset?
What if You Became Disabled?
7 Stories: How Disability Income Insurance Affected My Life
The Business Need for Disability Insurance
Prepare for Both a Disability and Retirement

Education Funding

Saving for College Is Not Enough
529 Plans—Saving for Your Child's Education
Permanent Life Insurance as Part of a College Savings Plan
Your College Savings Plan

Family Life

New Year’s Resolution: Getting Your Financial House in Order
Tax Strategies for 2013 and Beyond
Live Your Values Through Volunteering
Role Reversal: How to Have 'The Talk' With Your Aging Parents
8 Strategies for Multi-Generational Financial Planning
Managing the Risks That Can Impact Your Financial Security
Breaking Tradition: Planning Strategies for Today's Family
7 Money-Smart Activities for Kids
No Surprises: How to Plan for Financial Uncertainty
10 Essentials for Teaching Kids about Money
‘Fiscal Cliff’: What Does It Mean to You?
Gifts that Last: 6 Strategies to Bring Your Values to Life
6 Steps to Raising a Financially Savvy Child
Nine Habits of the Financially Secure
Offense and Defense Are Key to Your Financial Game Plan
Onward and Upward: Tips for Managing in Transition
Dream, Then Plan
A Vital Financial Tool: Your Detailed Budget


Grandma Knew Best: The Advantage of Goals-Based Investing
10 Points to Investing for Financial Security
How Risk-Tolerant Are You? 4 Key Questions That Help You Decide
Find Your Financial Equilibrium
Break the Cycle of Emotional Investing

Life Insurance

Benefit from Life Insurance While You’re Living
7 Ways Life Insurance Improves Your Balance Sheet
Protect Yourself, Part II: How You Can Control Your Financial Risk
Protect Yourself: Build a Flexible Foundation
5 Ways to Use the Living Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance
Pitfalls of Price Shopping Life Insurance
Six Reasons to Consider Life Insurance for the Entire Family
There's More to Permanent Life Insurance than Just a Death Benefit


Creating Guaranteed Income in Retirement
Building Financial Security for Retirement? Focus on Spending First
A Tale of Two Roth Accounts – Roth IRAs v. Roth 401(k)s
5 Actions Today for a Secure Retirement Tomorrow
Four Steps to Building a Retirement Plan You Can Count On
You're Living Longer: Plan for It
5 Health Risks That Can Cost You
Save Income Tax: Take Another Look at Your Nest Egg
What's the Plan? Questions to Ask Yourself About Retirement
Test Drive Your Dreams
Retirement Blueprint Part 2: Create Income Streams
Retirement Blueprint Part 1: Think Ahead
5 Tips for Choosing the Right Variable Annuity
Generate Income in Retirement with a Fixed Lifetime Income Annuity

Starting Out

How to Manage Debt and Still Achieve Your Financial Goals
Financial Fundamentals: 6 Tips for College Graduates
Step It Up: 7 Strategies to Boost Your Financial Fitness
Dream Big to Create the Life You Want
A Financial Plan Provides Confidence
A Guide for the Future

Wealth and Giving

2013 Income Taxes: What You Need to Know
Three Mistakes Individual Trustees Make and How to Avoid Them
Estate Planning Strategies After American Taxpayer Relief Act
6 Essential Steps for Every Estate Plan
Trustworthy Assets: Eight Ways to Benefit from a Trust
2013 Tax Law Changes – What You Need to Know
Add Flexibility to Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
Facing the Fiscal Cliff: What It May Mean for You
Leaving a Lasting Legacy with a Dynasty Trust
Getting the Most Out of Your Charitable Gifts
4 Tax Smart Strategies for Uncertain Times
Build a Legacy of Giving with Life Insurance
Defining Your Wealth Management Goals
Don’t Leave Your Estate to Chance
Estate Planning Tools

Market and Economic Commentary

Weekly Market Commentary

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April 14, 2014
April 07, 2014
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Quarterly Market Commentary

First Quarter 2014
Fourth Quarter 2013
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Monthly Economic Commentary

April 2014 - Blame it on the Weather
March 2014 - Debt: A Double-Edged Sword
February 2014 - A Forecast for Global Trade
January 2014 - Economic Themes and Trends of 2014
December 2013 - Inflation: A Double-Edged Sword
November 2013 - A Cold Breakfast Now or a Hot One Later?
October 2013 - Will Europe’s Economy Continue to Improve?
September 2013 - Can Developed Markets Sustain the Global Economy?
August 2013 - Corporate Profits Lead the Way - but for How Long?
July 2013 - U.S. Economy Moves Toward a More Consistent Growth Path
June 2013 - U.S. Creeps Closer to Energy Independence
May 2013 - Great Recession’s Effects Still Being Felt Throughout the Globe