Your College Savings Plan 

You want to provide your child with the benefit of a college education yet college costs are rising higher every year.

Start Early

The earlier you establish your college savings plan the better. You'll not only save more, but should you choose to invest your savings, you will have more time to ride the ups and downs of the financial markets.

Know the Costs

The College Costs brochure available from Northwestern Mutual is updated yearly and provides information on tuition, room and board, and other fees and educational costs.

Northwestern Mutual’s College Funding calculator can help you determine where you stand in your college savings plan goals.
To stay on top of rising prices and huge tuition bills, decide on what funding vehicles you want to use in your college savings plan and start saving now. Some choices include:


  • Department of Education
    Information on U.S. education policy, research, grants, financial aid, and more.

  • IRS (search for “college bound”)
    Information on scholarships and fellowships, tuition and fees deduction, education credits and student loan interest, application for Federal Student Aid.