Interactive Calculators 


Use these interactive calculators to estimate or compare many aspects of your financial welfare. You'll find calculators to help you determine your insurance needs, retirement savings plan, and your college savings budget. Try these tools to help get a jump start on planning for your financial future, and then contact a financial representative to help build your financial security.



How Much Am I Spending?
Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest in Savings?
How Much Should I Set Aside for Emergencies?


Which Will Provide the Most Retirement Income?
How Will Changes in My Tax Rate Affect the Decision?
What Is the Best Option for Estate Planning?
When Should I Begin Saving?

Retirement Planning

9-Hole Retirement Challenge
Retirement Savings
Roth IRA Conversion
Long-Term Care Cost Calculator
Power of Tax Deferral

Small Business

How Much Do I Need to Start My Business?
Should I Buy or Lease Equipment?
What Term of Loan Should I Choose?
What Is My Business Worth Today?

College Planning

What Will It Take to Save for a College Education?
What Is the Value of Higher Education?
What Investments Can I Use to Save for College?


How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
Long-Term Care Cost Calculator
Lifespan Calculator
Disability Income Insurance Knowledge Center for Physicians and Dentists
APR Calculator for Modal Premiums


What Will It Take to Become a Millionaire?
How Much Will My Savings Be Worth?
What Will It Take to Save for a Vehicle, Home, Etc.?
How Much Difference Will the Rate Make?
Which Is Better: Cash or Payments?
How Will Taxes and Inflation Affect My Savings?

Financial Literacy

Financial Matters: Are You Making the Grade?



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