In this monthly show we’ll talk about current news and how what's going on in the world may impact you and your finances. From politics and market news to foreign and domestic headlines, Ron Joelson, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Northwestern Mutual and Mark McLennon, Vice President of Investment Advisory Services Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company will share their insights on what's happening and what it could mean to you.

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Why We're Not Likely to See a 1987 Crash in the Near Future
April, 2014

The markets have hit another all-time high. Are things really as good as they seem? Or are the markets rigged? Find out what’s really going on and if we’re headed towards a 1987 crash in this month’s podcast.

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It’s All About the Money: How Russia and the Budget Could Impact Youpodcast symbol
March, 2014

Russia goes from being in the spotlight for the Olympics to being in the limelight for the Ukraine. Why is this region so attractive to Putin and how might the situation play out politically and economically? Hear more about Russia along with possible retirement impacts in the President’s 2015 budget in this month’s podcast. 

There’s More Cooling Going on Than Just the Weatherpodcast symbol
February, 2014

The Dow has already gained or lost 100 points in a day multiple times this year. Manufacturing and auto sales cited one of the possible reasons for their decline are short-term circumstances like the weather. Could the Polar Vortex really impact business performance? Find out more and how the jobs arena is gaining some heat in this month’s podcast.