Only 52 countries have a higher GDP* than the value of the portfolio Ron Joelson, Chief Investment Officer for Northwestern Mutual, oversees and now you can have his insights delivered right to your phone, tablet or email through this monthly podcast. Each month Ron and Mark McLennon, vice president of investment services with Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company, share their perspectives on current financial news and how what’s going on in the world could impact you and your finances.

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The Driving Factors That Could Make the Markets Move
September, 2014: Download audio | Listen in iTunes

We discussed last month consumer sentiment and an “immunization factor,” meaning that current consumer, government, and foreign activities aren’t enough anymore to make the markets move. So what will? This month, Ron and Mark share their thoughts on what they feel will create movement in the markets.

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Consumer Confidence Is Still Low, So Why Are the Markets Doing So Well?podcast symbol
August, 2014: Download audio | Listen in iTunes

Real Estate’s Driving Force in the U.S. Economypodcast symbol
July, 2014: Download audio | Listen in iTunes

Whether you are a retail or commercial investor, real estate can have a significant impact on the economy and your finances. Listen as Ron and Mark cover the U.S. real estate market and how Russia’s activity in the Ukraine could impact U.S. investing.

Listen to this month’s podcast as Ron and Mark discuss the impact of education debt on the economy, possible changes to funding, and their overall thoughts on how the economy is doing as we approach the mid-year point.

*Source: World Data Bank, Country GDP Data from World Data Bank Copyright May 2014.
The general account portfolio assets are $186 Billion as of the Investment Report delivered April 30, 2014.