How Retirement Planning Has Changed 

Retirement today is very different from your parents’ and grandparents’ retirement. Pensions are less common, and Social Security typically doesn’t cover all retirement expenses. The burden of making sure your money lasts as long as you do has shifted from the government and companies to you. Want to learn how to create guaranteed income in retirement? Watch the replay of the entire webcast Receive a Lifelong Paycheck: Guaranteed Income in Retirement.

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getting to and through retirement
Different strategies are needed.
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Think as much about spending as you do saving.
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Know where you’re going to know what you need.
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There are many options available.
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Despite downturn, still on schedule.
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Still confident in the future.
retirement myth #1
I’ll only live 15-20 years in retirement.
retirement myth #2
I’ll only need 80% of my income.
retirement myth #3
Healthcare won’t cost much.
retirement myth #5
I’ll work longer if needed.
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