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Northwestern Mutual's webcast series can help you get a handle on the ever-changing financial world around you. Gain insights from Northwestern Mutual and industry experts on topics that can impact your financial security. Each webcast is approximately 30 minutes in length and may include a Q&A session.

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marriage and money: financial strategies for couples

Marriage & Money: Financial Strategies for Couples

Marriage, like finances, is often a juggling act. Competing priorities
and demands require you to make both short- and long-term decisions that you hope will get you to your end goal. This short webcast will help set you up to reach your financial goals by providing strategies to help you plan for long-term goals, such as retirement, while also keeping other financial needs – like education funding, house purchases, and emergency funds – within reach.

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ways to positively impact finances

Three Not-So-Common Ways to Positively Impact Your Finances

Your financial goals can be significantly impacted with these three strategies that you may not have considered from financial planning expert Michael Sheppard, CFP®. Watch the replay to learn:
  • How your personality impacts your financial decisions.
  • Why investing in yourself can pay off.
  • How distribution plays a key role in your retirement goals.
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2013 tax planning

2013 Tax Planning: Strategies That Can Save You Money

No one enjoys paying income taxes, but avoiding them should never be your goal. Instead, approach taxes with the mindset of generating and keeping the most amount of money in your pocket.

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guaranteed income in retirement

Receive a Lifelong Paycheck: Guaranteed Income in Retirement

No matter what stage of life you're currently in, one thing is certain: Funding retirement is far different today than it was for your parents or grandparents. Today, each of us is responsible for creating our own paycheck in retirement.

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estate planning

Estate Planning: It’s Not Just for the Rich and Famous – Why Everyone Needs a Plan

It’s not just about money; estate planning is about achieving peace of mind – for you, your children and your loved ones – regardless of age or net worth.

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make your money last

Make Your Money Last: Shattering the Top 5 Retirement Planning Myths

Worried about having enough money in retirement? Thinking of working a few more years just to be sure? This webcast offers insights and tips on how to make your money last throughout your retirement.

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navigating uncertain financial times

Navigating Uncertain Financial Times – 3 Essential Steps for Your Financial Journey

Feeling overwhelmed or even paralyzed by the current financial situation? You’re not alone. Unemployment, shrinking home values, saving for retirement and politics are the key reasons why people feel financially uncertain.

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