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As a leader in the financial services industry, Northwestern Mutual brings over 150 years of knowledge and experience to our clients. And white papers are a great example of how we share fresh thinking and insights with you. Below you’ll find research and insights to help you make informed decisions about your financial security. If you need assistance after you’ve read through the materials, let one of our financial advisors help guide you on your financial journey.

Latest White Papers

medicare simplified: know your options, know the costs

Medicare Simplified. Know Your Options. Know the Costs.

Did you know that Medicare may cover only about 60 percent of your health care costs in retirement?1 Fortunately, a little bit of knowledge and careful planning can make a big difference on your financial health in retirement.

Download this white paper to learn:
  1. What is and what isn’t covered under Medicare.
  2. What the four main parts of Medicare are and what they could cost.
  3. How to plan for your health care in retirement.
This guide also includes scenarios to help you see how medical expenses may go beyond your Medicare coverage and tools you can use to help create a post-retirement healthcare budget.


business succession

Business Succession: 6 Steps to Achieve Your Vision

As a business owner, you’ve invested a lot of time and effort to build your business according to a disciplined plan. Transitioning your business to a new owner—whether it’s in a few years or a few decades—takes much forethought and planning as well.

Download this white paper to learn:
  • The pros and cons of your potential business successors.
  • Business transfer strategies that suit your goals and tax needs.
  • How to manage your risk to protect your interests and your succession plan.

Plus, find out more about choosing a business valuation method that best suits your overall goals.

Download this white paper today to start planning for a successful transfer of your business to its next owner.


building the foundation for a solid financial plan

Building the Foundation for a Solid Financial Plan:
Your Guide to Money Management

When creating a financial plan, building a strong foundation will help you get off to a good start. But are you sure you’re spending, saving, investing and protecting your money the best way for achieving your goals?

Download this white paper to gets tips for:
  1. Managing your money for today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams.
  2. Paying off your debt strategically.
  3. Protecting your income and your family.
See if your financial foundation is on track — plus, find how much you need to save and where to save it to meet your needs.

5 key insights retirement saving

Retirement Saving: 5 Key Insights You Need to Know

Now more than ever, a retirement savings strategy is critical to ensure your money will last through retirement. But how do you know you’re not only saving the right amount, but that it’s going in the right places at the right times to meet your goals?

Download this white paper to receive:
  1. Different methods to meet your savings goals.
  2. Examples of how your decisions can impact your savings.
  3. Insights on how to avoid common pitfalls that may derail your plan.
Additionally, you’ll get tips on how to turn the money you’ve saved into lifelong retirement income.

Get this white paper today to ensure you’re on track for retirement.

estate planning white paper cover

Your Estate Plan: Is a Trust Right for You?

An estate plan can play a critical role in protecting your family and the things you work so hard for, but it’s often overlooked.

Download this white paper to learn:
  • Five key estate planning questions to start your journey.
  • The essential elements of any estate plan.
  • How a trust can help you achieve your goals.
You can use this white paper as your guide to trust basics and options; get started now.

white paper cover

Social Security Simplified: Select the Right Options to Help Maximize Your Income

Social Security benefits are often an overlooked asset that can have a significant effect on your future income. Understanding your options, the impact of retiring early, and how emotions often contribute to this important decision are key to maximizing your income.

Download this white paper to receive:
  • Your options for claiming Social Security.
  • How each can significantly impact your benefits.
  • Five key factors to consider.
Bonus: This white paper includes illustrated scenarios and examples to help you visualize outcomes.

white paper cover

Term or Permanent Life Insurance: Which Option Is Right for You?

You know how important life insurance is; but what kind should you buy? Some believe that term insurance is the right solution, others might say permanent is best. Few things in life are that cut-and-dried, including life insurance. In our latest white paper you’ll find:
  • Four questions you need to ask yourself before you make a purchase.
  • Top reasons why people own life insurance.
  • If “Buy Term, Invest the Difference” is good advice.
  • How to get the flexibility you need with your budget.
Download this white paper now to help you make a more informed decision regarding one of your most important purchases.

white paper cover

5 Steps to Take Control of Your Financial Security

Financial security in life isn’t something that just happens. Achieving it takes a disciplined and balanced approach. Learn about five important steps that can help you gain more control of your financial security:
  • Getting your “financial house” in order
  • Determining what you want to achieve
  • Minimizing risk and ensuring success
  • Making your plan a living document
  • Seeing the whole picture through your plan
Download this white paper now to start taking control of your financial security.

1Employee Benefit Research Institute, Savings Needed for Health Expenses for People Eligible for Medicare: Some Rare Good News pg 1, 2012

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