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Featured Study: Planning and Progress 2013

best decisions infographicPart 4: Best Financial Decisions

When it comes to managing money, the large majority of Americans today are not looking for shortcuts or get-rich-quick strategies.

Three quarters of people prioritize long-term planning over short-term performance, and one-third say “slow and steady wins the race” best describes their approach to future financial goals.

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The Best Financial Decisions in Life

The priority on long-term planning comes across loud and clear when looking at what Americans consider the most important financial decisions in life.

People aged 55+ believe the best financial decisions they ever made include:

  • best decisions in life infographicSaving early (40%)
  • Paying off a mortgage (40%)
  • Bought real estate at a good price (29%)
  • Invested heavily in my 401(k) (27%)
  • Made sure my family is protected (22%)

People aged 25-54 believe the best decisions they will have to make in coming years will be:

  • Starting to save early (53%)
  • Making sure my family is protected (52%)
  • Relying heavily on my 401(k) (25%)
  • Buying real estate at a good price (20%)

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