Business Insurance 

business insurance 

When it comes to helping companies provide risk protection for their employees, their executives or owners themselves, we bring business insurance expertise to the table.

Business Life Insurance

Business life insurance can be used for many forms of planning. Some ways to utilize life insurance in your business planning may include:

  • Business Continuation/Succession
  • Executive Benefits
  • Key Person Coverage

Learn more ways in which life insurance can help with your business planning.

Business Disability Insurance

As the owner of a business, many things rest on your shoulders. Your business’ success depends on many variables, some you can control, others you can’t. For most of us, suffering a sudden disability is unimaginable, especially if you have always enjoyed good health. Yet, the reality is healthy people become disabled every day, and it happens more often than you’d think.

Business disability insurance available from Northwestern Mutual:

  • Disability Overhead Expense Insurance
    Provides funds to pay ongoing covered business overhead expenses such as rent, taxes and utility bills that continue with or without you. Helps support the value of your business until you decide what you can and want to do with your business.

  • Disability Key Person Insurance
    Compensates an employer for the loss of a key employee and helps support the business' long-term success, value and ability to produce income by providing benefits that can:
    • be used to hire and train a qualified replacement
    • help offset some of the revenue lost because of a key employee’s inability to work due to a disability
  • Disability Buy-Out Insurance
    Reimburses a business partner, up to the policy limits, for amounts paid to buy out a totally disabled partner and reduces the chances that the disabled partner’s ownership interest will be sold to a third party.

Northwestern Mutual also provides individual disability income insurance and group disability income insurance which provide a source of income when a business owner or employee suffers a disability and cannot work.

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