Form 5500, Schedule A Reporting  

Welfare benefit plans that cover or have covered 100 or more eligible employees or meet certain other criteria are generally required to file Form 5500, Schedule A. For questions related to the applicability of filing requirements to your specific plan and/or organization, we suggest you consult with your plan administrator or legal advisor. Northwestern Mutual does not provide plan administration services or legal advice.

  • For questions related to ERISA regulations or instructions for completing Form 5500, Schedule A, we suggest you consult the booklet “Instructions for Form 5500,” available free from your local IRS office. This publication is also available from the Publication Hotline at 1-866-444-EBSA (3272), or the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) website.

  • If your Form 5500, Schedule A reporting needs change in the future, it is your responsibility to contact Northwestern Mutual at 888-455-2232.

To request Insurance Information for Form 5500, Schedule A reporting complete one of the following:

Life and Disability Income Welfare Plans
Long Term Care Welfare Plans

Do not complete this form:

  • For qualified pension plans/trusts; reporting information for these plans is automatically provided.
  • For Group Disability Income (DI) contracts covering 95 or more members; reporting information for these plans is automatically provided.
  • When new policies are added to plans that currently receive information for Form 5500, Schedule A reporting, the new policies are automatically included in the information provided.