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Over a lifetime of hard work you have built up a successful business, career, or professional practice. Along the way you've acquired valuable assets that may include publicly-traded stocks and bonds, mutual funds, collectibles, real estate, and perhaps a business interest or securities issued from an employer or former employer. Investment management can be a challenge.

Now consider your financial goals:

  • Growing and preserving your assets
  • Providing for your spouse and children
  • Passing assets to your grandchildren
  • Keeping your business in the family
  • Supporting your favorite charity.

At Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company, the same investment management strategies and professional services used to create, implement and monitor tailored investment plans for our fiduciary trust clients are available to all clients through our Private Client Services. Working with your Wealth Management Advisor to help identify your goals and investment objectives, you can be certain that the investment management strategy we recommend for you is custom-built for your unique situation, using a wide range of investment strategies.

  • Separate Equity Account Management of individually issued stocks with professional money management. Using individual securities helps us to maximize tax efficiency, facilitate transition of assets and manage existing portfolio needs, while allowing you to exclude stocks that you'd prefer to not own.
  • Separate Fixed Income Account Management includes government, corporate and municipal issued securities. Our fixed income techniques allow you to accommodate your distinct cash flow needs and help manage yield risk.
  • Mutual Funds provide access to money managers who are put to work for you in a thoughtfully constructed, personal investment portfolio.
  • Exchange Traded Funds provide exposure to asset classes to help diversify your portfolio.
  • Other appropriate investments consistent with your goals, objectives, unique circumstances and our overall investment philosophy.

Investment management and Portfolio Account Services include:

  • Turnkey Investment Management
    We'll take care of gathering all your assets from outside sources and combine them into a single, strategic plan. We take care of purchasing securities, rebalancing according to your asset allocation and exploring investment opportunities.

  • Ready Account Access
    No matter how complex or diversified your portfolio, we can provide a combined statement so you can periodically see performance reporting and account activity. Or, you can glance at your account balances and transaction history using our secure website.

  • Personalized Attention
    Your Wealth Management Advisor and our professional investment management and administrative teams stand ready to assist you every step along the way.
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