Russell Multi-Style Equity 

Fund Overview
Adviser: Russell Investment Management Company
Fund Manager(s): Columbus Circle Investors; Institutional Capital LLC; Jacobs Levy Equity Management, Inc.; Mar Vista Investment Partners, LLC; Suffolk Capital Management, LLC; Sustainable Growth Advisers, LP (Money managers listed are current as of 09/30/14. Russell has the right to employ or terminate a money manager at any time without prior notification, as is consistent with its role as investment manager).
Objective/Focus: A multi-manager fund that invests primarily in common stocks of medium and large capitalization U.S. companies. The objective is to provide long-term capital growth.
Asset Class: Mid-Cap Stocks/Large-Cap Stocks
Style: Blend
No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.
Fund Facts as of 09/30/14
Fund Inception 04-30-1999
First Available for Variable Annuity 04-30-1999
First Available for Variable Life 06-30-1999
Net Assets $474.94 Million
Top 10 Portfolio Holdings % of Net Assets
Pfizer, Inc. 2.1%
Exxon Mobil Corp. 1.9%
General Electric Co. 1.6%
Apple, Inc. 1.5%
Oracle Corp. 1.4%
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. 1.4%
The Walt Disney Co. 1.3%
Honeywell International, Inc. 1.3%
Monsanto Co. 1.2%
Visa, Inc. 1.2%
% of Total Portfolio 14.9%
Sector Weightings % of Equities
Financial Services 20.4%
Technology 17.0%
Health Care 16.9%
Consumer Discretionary 13.8%
Producer Durables 10.2%

You should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, expenses and charges of the investment company before you invest. Your Northwestern Mutual Investment Services Registered Representative can provide you with a contract and fund prospectus that will contain the information noted above, and other important information that you should read carefully before you invest or send money.

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