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Do mutual funds fit into your overall investment strategy?

  • What are your investment goals?
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For millions of investors, mutual funds may be the right answer.




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Mutual Funds Overview

For many investors, mutual funds are the easiest way to enter the investment marketplace.

For a relatively small investment, investors can purchase shares of a professionally managed portfolio that usually consists of 50 or more different securities.

When you invest in mutual funds, your money is pooled with other investors. The investment company then invests this collective pool in a variety of stocks, bonds and/or other securities.

Some mutual funds pay monthly or quarterly dividends. Other mutual funds hold securities that offer the potential for capital appreciation. When these securities are sold by the fund, the fund distributes the profits from its sale to its investors. Most mutual funds will automatically reinvest your dividends and capital gains into additional shares if you so choose. There is risk in investing in mutual funds. It is possible to lose money.


Mutual Funds Basics

What are mutual funds?

A mutual fund is an investment company that is formed for the purpose of investing on behalf of individuals and institutions that share common goals. Professional money managers use this pool of investor money to buy a wide range of stocks, bonds, and money market instruments that are in keeping with the fund's investment objective.

Do mutual funds fit into your overall investment strategy?

A careful examination of your current circumstances and investment goals is required to answer this question. With your investment objectives and risk tolerance in mind, we can help you determine if mutual funds fit into your overall investment strategy, and if so, which mutual fund, or combination of mutual funds, is right for you.

What are mutual fund share classes?

Mutual funds offer several different classes of shares with different sales charge options. Each share class represents a similar ownership interest in the same portfolio of securities but has a different fee structure, which permits you to choose the class that best meets your needs.*

What are breakpoints?

Investors who purchase Class A mutual fund shares may be entitled to a discount on their front-end sales charge. The investment levels at which these discounts become available are called “breakpoints.” Most mutual funds offer breakpoint discounts on larger investments; the dollar level at which breakpoints are achieved varies by the individual mutual funds and a schedule is included in the prospectus.

Contact a Northwestern Mutual financial representative to learn more about the different types of share classes and to make sure you receive all available breakpoints and discounts.

* Other fees may apply. Please see the fund's prospectus for additional information.  Share classes other than A, B, or C shares may also be offered, but not all share classes may be available depending on the nature of your account.


Mutual Funds Benefits

Through Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS) investors have access to a wide range of mutual funds.

Fund choices allow you to choose from a vast universe of fund types, objectives and styles as well as money managers to meet your financial security needs.

Mutual funds are appropriate for:

Mutual funds provide a unique investment opportunity and can offer many advantages. To help you decide whether mutual funds are best for you and your situation, we are going to look at some reasons why you might want to consider investing in mutual funds.

  • Diversification
    Mutual funds offer you the ability to invest in numerous securities without having to commit significant resources to purchase each security on your own.

  • Professional Investment Mangement
    Most people don't have the time to monitor the performance of their investment. Or, they are unsure how to analyze financial information to know when to buy and sell. Investing in mutual funds gives you access to the expertise of a professional fund manager.

  • Low Investment Minimums
    Many mutual funds offer investors the opportunity to open an account with a low initial investment.

  • Liquidity
    The value of mutual fund investments can be easily accessed. However, the value may be more or less than the original purchase price at the time you cash in all or a portion of your shares.

  • Ease of Use
    Mutual funds make managing your investments easier by offering you a spectrum of investments in one fund. You won't need to watch the performance of multiple individual securities. And at the end of the year, you'll receive an annual statement summarizing important performance, transaction, and earnings information.

  • Wealth of Choices
    Regardless of your investment objective or tolerance for risk, there is likely to be a mutual fund or family of funds to help you achieve your goals or complement your existing portfolio.

There is risk in investing in mutual funds. It is possible to lose money.


Our Mutual Funds Advantage

At Northwestern Mutual, we believe in working for you and with you to help meet your needs and accomplish your goals. We will help with your investment needs, and continue to provide service and support – as long as you need it.

We believe in providing high-quality financial products, through Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS), where the quality is exemplified in the investment choices we offer.

Because there are thousands of mutual funds available to investors, we focus on a select group of fund families that offer a broad spectrum of mutual funds.

American Century Investments
American Funds
Fidelity Investments
Franklin Templeton Investments
MFS Investment Management
Russell Mutual Funds

franklin templeton logo
 american century logo  russell investments logo
 pimco logo  american funds logo
 fidelity logo  mfs logo

Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS) also has access to a variety of other mutual fund families.

Review Important Mutual Fund Disclosures for more details about mutual funds we offer.

You should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, expenses and charges of the investment company before you invest. Your Northwestern Mutual Investment Services Registered Representative can provide you with a prospectus that will contain the information noted above, and other important information that you should read carefully before you invest or send money.

Download Mutual Fund Investing at Northwestern Mutual Investment Services

All securities are offered through Northwestern Mutual Investment Services LLC, (NMIS), Suite 600, 611 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202, 1-866-664-7737. Member FINRA and SIPC. NMIS is wholly owned by Northwestern Mutual.


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