2024 Annual Meeting of Policyowners Details

The Annual Meeting of Policyowners for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company will be held on , at Central Time at the company's downtown Milwaukee campus,

720 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
. Policyowners are invited to participate in this meeting, either in person or by proxy.

The company will also enable policyowners to watch the meeting via live stream. Policyowners watching the meeting online may submit questions but will not be able to vote or otherwise participate in the meeting through the live stream. If you plan to join virtually, please submit your proxy in advance online or by phone or mail.

Accessing the live stream

  • Click the link to join the event early if possible.

  • If you have not used Zoom Meetings, our webinar provider, you will be prompted to download the software before you will have access to the event. (Note: After clicking the link, Zoom Meetings will ask you to register your name and email address.)

  • Make sure the speakers on your device are not muted and volume is turned up sufficiently.

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Please note that this link will not be active until the day of the meeting, .