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NCAA® and Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is dedicated to helping others achieve their full potential. It is in that spirit that we are proud to partner with the NCAA┬«. 

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A Shared Mission

Northwestern Mutual and the NCAA believe that through preparation, hard work and embracing the spirit of competition, everyone can achieve their potential in life and in the field of sports.

Our ongoing support for higher education aligns well with the NCAA mission to focus on the development of student-athletes. The Northwestern Mutual Foundation has donated more than $25 million to institutions of higher education in the last five years, including support for student-athlete scholarships.

Supporting Student-Athletes for Life After Athletics

The NCAA shares our commitment to developing the leaders of tomorrow through education, financial support and security, and above all – mentorship. One of the ways we achieve this is by supporting NCAA programs that foster the academic and developmental needs of more than 400,000 student athletes, because we know most of these students will "go pro" in something other than sports.

In partnership with the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), Northwestern Mutual developed Life After Athletics, a suite of on-campus sessions designed to help junior and senior student-athletes prepare for the next stage of life following their collegiate careers. Student-athletes who participate in the program will:

  • Hear from former student-athletes and learn how to translate their athlete mentality into desirable characteristics employers are looking for.
  • Participate in exercises and real-life scenarios that they may face as they enter the post-collegiate working world
  • Learn about Northwestern Mutual's top ten-rated internship program and our unique relevance to student-athletes.

Learn More About Our NCAA Partnership

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    Preparing Young Athletes Before They Go Pro

    Preparing Young Athletes Before They Go Pro
    Preparing Young Athletes Before They Go Pro

    Learn how student-athletes can translate what they learn in sports to marketable skills for employers.

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  • A Winning Partnership

    A Winning Partnership

    Find out what makes Northwestern Mutual the ideal post-season for student-athletes.

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