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Our Commitment to Financial Strength

At Northwestern Mutual, we’ve been helping clients take control of their financial future for nearly 160 years. Through the Civil War, the Great Depression, two world wars and a number of recessions, we’ve stood alongside our clients, helping them manage financial risk and achieve financial security. And today, as the world’s economic environment continues to evolve, clients trust Northwestern Mutual to lead the way.

As we look to the future, we will continue to build financial strength for our company and for our clients with a well-balanced and diversified investment strategy and long-term market view.

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Our Ratings

Northwestern Mutual has the highest financial strength ratings1 awarded to any life insurer by all four of the major rating agencies. Why are financial strength ratings important? Ratings are based on financial strength, overall operations and claims-paying ability. Our high ratings recognize our solid financial footing, which helps us deliver on product guarantees and create the financial capacity to pay dividends.2 We expect to pay $5.5 billion in total dividends to policyowners in 2015, including industry-leading dividends on life and disability insurance.3

Ratings are for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company as of the most recent review and report by each rating agency and are subject to change.

A.M. Best, 5/2015

“The ratings reflect Northwestern Mutual’s leading market position and the strength of its franchise as the top writer of whole life insurance in the United States, its highly productive exclusive distribution system and superior risk-adjusted capitalization. The ratings also recognize Northwestern Mutual’s favorable liability profile and the strength of its business profile as one of the largest mutual insurance companies in the United States.”

Ratings Report


A.M. Best Company

May 2015

Fitch Ratings, 11/2014

"Fitch's ratings reflect Northwestern’s leading competitive position in the U.S. individual life insurance market, extremely strong balance sheet fundamentals and stable earnings profile. Fitch considers Northwestern’s key competitive advantages to include its successful distribution system, large and stable block of traditional life insurance and expense advantage relative to peers."

Ratings Report


Fitch Ratings

November 2014

Moody's Investors Service, 6/2015

The ratings reflect “the company’s exceptional intrinsic strengths, including leading positions and strong franchise in its core markets, including a significant focus on participating whole life, leading position overall in individual life insurance, excellent distribution channel, strong underwriting skills as shown by excellent persistency and mortality experience and robust and resilient balance sheet."

Ratings Report


Moody's Investors Service

June 2015

Standard & Poor's, 5/2015

“The company‚Äôs management team is well-seasoned and clearly manages for long-term stability and strength, with a commitment to mutuality and the policyholder.”

Ratings Report


Standard & Poor's

May 2015

Our Investments

Our Investments

We’re investing in your financial future. Our well-balanced and diversified long-term investment portfolio is carefully designed to generate superior returns and build financial strength.

2014 Investment Report
See how Northwestern Mutual’s investment strategy, expertise and year-end results are helping build the company’s exceptional financial strength and long-term success.

Power of the Portfolio
Learn about the Northwestern Mutual investment portfolio and how investment performance helps determine the dividend interest rate.

Detailed Listing of Investment Holdings

Want to know more? Download a comprehensive listing of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company’s investment holdings as of December 31, 2014.

Schedule A (Parts 1-3) — Real Estate

Schedule B (Parts 1-3) — Mortgage Loans

Schedule BA (Parts 1-3) — Other Long-Term Invested Assets

Schedule D (Part 1) — Long-Term Bonds

Schedule D (Part 2) — Stocks

Schedule D (Part 3) — Long-Term Bonds and Stocks Acquired During Current Year (2014)

Schedule D (Part 4) — Long-Term Bonds and Stocks Sold, Redeemed or Otherwise Disposed of During Current Year (2014)

Schedule D (Part 5) — Long-Term Bonds and Stocks Acquired and Disposed of During Current Year (2014)

Schedule D (Part 6) — Shares of Subsidiary, Controlled or Affiliated Companies

Schedule DA (Part 1) — Short-Term Investments

Schedule DB (Part A) — Options, Caps, Floors, Collars, Swaps and Forwards Open as of 12/31/14

Schedule DB (Part B) — Future Contracts Open as of 12/31/2014

Schedule DB (Part D) — Counterparty Exposure of Derivative Instruments Open as of 12/31/14

Schedule DL (Parts 1 & 2) — Reinvested Collateral Assets

Schedule E (Parts 1-3) — Cash


Our Results

Our Results

Read more about our investment strategies and how they support our promises to clients.

Annual Statements

Want to see how well we’re doing? Take a look at our latest results:

2014 and 2013 Consolidated Financial Statements

2014 Statutory Annual Statement for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

2014 Statutory Annual Statement for Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company

Quarterly Statements

2015 Statutory Quarterly Statements for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

Download the First Quarter Statutory Statement

2015 Statutory Quarterly Statements for Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company

Download the First Quarter Statutory Statement

The Northwestern Mutual Difference

Following our long, rich history of doing the right thing for the people we serve, Northwestern Mutual’s work continues to lead the way. We’re building strength and long-term financial stability, one life at a time.