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Northwestern Mutual products and services are designed to help you, your employees and your business succeed.

Business Owner Solutions
Business Succession White Paper

From helping you plan for risks that could impact your business to benefits programs that can help you attract top talent to business succession strategies, our solutions will help you build and implement the drivers that can create, grow and protect your business's value.

We've long been recognized for providing our business owner clients with innovative financial security solutions and expertly crafted plans to help them meet their goals.

We can help you protect and develop your business through:

  • Risk Management: Protect your business against two critical risks—disability and the loss of a key employee. Read More.
  • Employee Benefits: Design a competitive benefit package to recruit and retain valuable contributors. Read More.
  • Non-Qualified Benefits: Use non-qualified benefit plans to supplement the retirement savings for yourself and your key employees. Read More.
  • Business Succession: Take advantage of our expertise, strategies and tools to smoothly transition your business to its next owner. Read More.
  • Personal Planning: Help meet the goals you set for yourself and your family while also addressing the financial needs of your business. Read More.

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