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Employee Benefits

Design a competitive benefits package to recruit, retain and reward valuable employees.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an important part of the growth of your business. Employee benefits can cover owners, key employees and employees. They provide a solid foundation toward financial security. The complexity of offerings can make it difficult to navigate the ever-changing landscape. Work with our team of specialists to design a competitive package that can attract and retain top talent.

  • Group health, dental, vision and life insurance can give your employees the financial security they need while contributing to the success of your business. Learn more about the value of providing quality benefits and effectively managing costs by downloading Fostering Wellness with Group Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance.
  • Watch a video on the benefits of group disability insurance
  • Group disability income insurance provides a foundation of short-term and long-term income protection for your employees. If an employee leaves, he or she may have an option to convert a portion of the coverage to a personally owned policy. Learn more by downloading Protecting Income with Group and Individual Disability Income Insurance.
  • Individual disability income insurance provides long-term portable income protection that stays with your employees no matter where they work. It can complement group coverage by offering additional income protection and security. Learn more by downloading Protecting Income with Group and Individual Disability Income Insurance.
  • Qualified retirement plans, such as defined benefit pension, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, 401(k), and profit-sharing plans, can have a profound impact on the long-term financial well-being of your employees. Let us help you make the qualified plan choice that's right for them and for your business. Learn more by downloading Achieving Retirement Readiness with Qualified Plan Solutions.
  • Long-term care: A long-term care plan can help your employees protect their financial futures. If one of them developed a chronic illness, disabling condition or cognitive impairment, a long-term care plan can provide extended care at home, in the community or in an assisted living or nursing home facility. Learn more about the benefits by downloading Protecting Assets with a Comprehensive Long-Term Care Plan.
When you own a business, increasing its value often hinges on your ability to effectively by recruiting, rewards and retain

Of course, managing benefit costs is becoming a challenge for more and more businesses. We can help you design and implement a benefits package that meets the needs of your employees and your business.

To help you further distinguish your employee benefit program from your competition, Northwestern Mutual’s financial professionals can meet with your employees—individually — who are interested in personal financial planning strategies and solutions to help them achieve a lifetime of financial goals.

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