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Cristi Stroud, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, CLF®

Learn how after a humble upbringing, Cristi is living a lifestyle she never would have imagined.

Christi Stroud

In Her Own Words

The fact is, in the financial representative career you can dream big and really achieve it. I grew up with nothing – I never would have imagined I would have the lifestyle I have now. This career has allowed me to achieve things that I never could have dreamed about before. Plus, everyone has been so supportive of my goals and what’s best for me as an individual.

There is always help when you need it at Northwestern Mutual. Even as a managing partner, I could call colleagues or people at the home office. There is always someone to help you figure out problems and challenges if you just reach out.

The Internship Experience

I loved the Northwestern Mutual internship and can still remember my first Annual Meeting being a phenomenal experience – I’d never seen so many people. Since then there have been so many special moments, like being recognized at regional meeting for personal production, being the first in my office to make Second 60, and having the leading intern team on stage at the Annual Meeting when I was a college unit director.

When I started at Northwestern Mutual, I was in my early 20s; life was all about me, and I was the center of my world. Now, nothing is about me – it’s all about my reps, my staff, my network office. I’m a mom and a working person.

Best Experience Since Joining Northwestern Mutual

What stands out for me most about Northwestern Mutual is that people truly care about you and achieving your individual goals. I’ve worked in three offices, and each one has felt like my family and been supportive of my family at the same time. My oldest daughter went to her first Annual Meeting when she was three years old, and my other daughter just attended her seventh annual meeting at age six. No matter what, I feel like if I went anywhere across the country, I have family there.

Best Advice Received

On a personal level, the best advice I received is that you have to take time for yourself; otherwise, you’re no good for anyone else. And for the business, follow the Granum system.

Surprising Fact

I’m competitive and I like sports, but I also know how to sew – the fact that I’m very artsy-crafty surprises people.

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