Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual Seeks Veterans Who Want to ‘Reset’ Their Careers

“Everyone by longevity tends to get off course.” That’s what John Wright, managing partner of Northwestern Mutual in Atlanta, recently told a group at the Service Academy Career Conference in Savannah, Ga.

But what he stated next truly resonated with this group of men and women who have dedicated themselves to serving our country and are now looking for something new.

“We can reset, we are resilient,” he said.

Wright spoke about volleyball and how after each point, win or lose, the team comes together to celebrate and reset before the next point. This is what we all need to do to keep from getting off track, he said.

In his presentation, Wright offered four ways to avoid drifting. Many tactics  come easily to veterans, he said:

  1. 1. Find Passion Around Your Purpose—Start with the “why.” Find your purpose statement.
  2. 2. Have a Vision—Form a compelling vision for what you want to do and what you want to be. Write down 3-year visions for where you want to be personally, professionally and financially.
  3. 3. Develop Habits and Rituals—Create habits and rituals to develop self-discipline and self-motivation.
  4. 4. Establish Community—Show a commitment to community, which will then create accountability through your relationships.

Wright acknowledged that veterans possess the skills to stay on track. He stated that those who serve in the military are so attractive to employers because they have gotten the best leadership training that exists. They have seen challenges and have learned to move on from them.

While veterans understand these skills, they are looking for the right career where they can use them to continue making a difference.

Wright spoke about the Northwestern Mutual career as an ideal opportunity for veterans to reset their careers. The company values the dedication and commitment veterans have shown through their service. These same qualities will help them as successful financial representatives, making an impact on peoples’ lives by helping them achieve financial security.

“We have members who served our country and then reset with us,” he said. “This is an amazing career. Our work matters.”