Northwestern Mutual

Marisa Joseph

Learn how Marisa is able to impact others in incredible ways while enjoying the ability to control her own success.


While working long hours in corporate finance, Marisa Joseph learned about the career opportunities at Northwestern Mutual, in which her employer had a relationship with. Impressed by Northwestern Mutual’s integrity as a company and attracted to the idea of “holding the keys” to her own success, she joined Northwestern Mutual as a financial representative in 2008.

In Her Own Words

Making a Difference

I get enjoyment out of helping people who want to help themselves and making a lasting impact in their lives when it comes to finances. I think many people in America don’t have the financial background or general knowledge needed to help themselves or their families to leave a legacy for the next generation.

I believe I am fulfilling God’s purpose for my life by impacting other people. It’s not all about me. I get more than financial compensation. I get emotionally and spiritually compensated by serving other people, and what I get is nothing compared to what my clients gain.

Career Rewards/Challenges

When I started, there were only a couple of female financial representatives in my office. There are a lot of us now, and it’s amazing to have witnessed that.

For women like myself, I think, this career provides autonomy. This autonomy comes from the fact that I don’t work for anyone else. I am able to make the decisions that are best for me, and I have more control over my career advancement based on my work ethic. The women (and men) that embrace this career have the flexibility to go and see their children’s games and events, pick up their kids on time and many other things you don’t get to do when you are working for someone else.

Career Advice

Hire a bookkeeper from day one! If not, make sure that you are holding yourself accountable to tracking the financial details of your income and expenses from the very beginning.

Treat this career with the dignity and respect it deserves. There are highs and lows; some of these are under your control, and many are not. But I think that if you put in your full effort – and heart – anyone can succeed in this business. You don’t fail in this business; you quit this business … and my parents taught me not to quit anything that I am passionate about.

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