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Career Insights

Our employees, through the decisions they make, the work they produce, their attention to what is best for the policyowner, and their high degree of integrity, play a key role in producing the value and security so important to our customers.  Career Insights provides an opportunity to learn more about the key areas of the company, some of the career opportunities available at Northwestern Mutual, and the types of opportunities available (full-time, internships, and summer internships).

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Key Areas



Public relations, corporate office and field communications, executive communications, consumer and policyowner relations, community relations, and creative services.

Compliance Department Opportunities

Promotes, monitors and provides oversight for compliance and best business practices that contribute to superior customer value, the sound management of risk and the sustained growth of the Northwestern Mutual.

Corporate and Government Relations

Government relations, industry trade association activities, public policy and community relations.

Corporate Services

Multi-campus facilities and security operations and supports functions such as mail, supply/distribution services for the field and home office, purchasing/supplier diversity, travel, food services, and records management/retention.

Human Resources

Development and administration of Company employee policies, compensation, benefits, corporate office recruitment, training, and diversity efforts.

Law Department

Legal services and counsel to all departments of the Company with approximately 70 attorneys specializing in Real Estate, Securities, Insurance, Corporate, Financial Services and Litigation.


Field Development

Assists each Managing Partner in the development of their Network Office.

Field Services and Support

Contracting/licensing and registration, benefits, accounting, compensation processing/support, meeting(s) coordination, sales reporting, and awards and honors.

Field System Administration

Maintains and enhances the existing distribution plan and coordinates it with the Company's strategic plan.

Information Technology

Delivers predictable, high-value information technology systems, services and solutions that are an integral part of Northwestern Mutual’s corporate strategy.

Insurance Operations

Delivers expert, relationship-based service to our sales force and clients by underwriting and issuing policies, creating and managing accounts, answering product inquiries, and paying claims and benefits.

Investment Operations

  • Northwestern Investment Management Company (real estate and securities)
  • Mason Street Advisors (MSA)
  • Treasury and Investment Operations
  • Investment Products and Services: Products, Sales, Operations and Systems


Directs Northwestern Mutual’s branding, advertising, and marketing communications strategies and programs for building the Company’s brands and market position.