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How to Apply

To apply for a position with Northwestern Mutual, follow these steps:

  • Register and create a personal profile. You’ll be able to search and review current available positions and receive email notifications when new opportunities match your interests.
  • On return visits, log in to update your profile or view positions.
  • If you are medically unable to complete our application process without accommodation, please contact our Human Resources department at 414-665-5900. Northwestern Mutual is an Equal Employment and Affirmative Action employer.

You can also view positions without registering by clicking on Job Search. To apply for a position, you must register.

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How do I apply for a position?

There are two separate functions that must be completed in order to submit your resume for an available position.

  1. Complete a profile which includes your contact information and resume. You may complete your profile at any time, but it is required to submit an application for a specific position. You will receive an email confirming the creation of your profile.
  2. For each position you're interested in, click the "submit" button located at the bottom of the posting. This leads to a series of questions specific to that position. Once the questions are completed, your information (resume and answers to the questions) is forwarded to the hiring manager and the Corporate Staffing Consultant. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your job submission as well.

I submitted my resume for position at Northwestern Mutual. Now there's another position on the website I'm interested in. Do I need to submit another resume?

Each position you apply for will have qualifying questions associated with it. You'll need to click on the "submit" button attached to each position. Once you've created a profile and downloaded your resume you will not need to do that again, as our system has saved your most recently downloaded resume in our database. Make sure to update your profile if you have any changes to your resume or contact information.

I received an email notification from Northwestern Mutual about a new job and I submitted my resume for this position. When can I expect to be interviewed?

It's important to know that email notifications are sent based on your job interests as you defined them in your profile versus your job qualifications. When you submit a resume for consideration, the hiring manager and the Corporate Staffing Consultant both receive copies. The pool of candidates to be interviewed depends on the specific hiring needs of the department, which includes (but is not limited to) a candidate's related experience, education, skills, and qualifications relative to the position. Submitting a resume for a position, therefore, doesn't guarantee an interview.

I have submitted a resume for a position. Who can I call to check on my status?

You will receive an email receipt of your job submissions, and can also review your job submissions by logging on and selecting "view your job submissions" from your Candidate Home Page. While we would love to be able to contact all candidates personally, it is simply not feasible given the volume of job submissions. We will only contact those candidates whom we are interested in interviewing—calling for status updates is not necessary. (One additional hint: make sure your email's spam filter isn't inadvertently stopping acknowledgements.)

I interviewed for a position. What is the normal amount of time it takes a hiring manager to make a selection decision?

The amount of time to make a selection decision depends on the size of the candidate pool (the more candidates, the longer the process), the complexity of the position, the department's hiring process, and other related factors. Because of these variations, it is advisable to discuss with the Corporate Staffing Consultant the estimated hiring timeframe, and any special considerations you may have related to this.

I changed my resume. How do I update it on your system?

On your Candidate Homepage, click on create/update your resume. The updated resume will be used for all job submissions going forward from this point, but will not automatically update your resume for those positions for which you had previously submitted.

Do I have to create a profile to simply view your jobs?

No. Click on "job search" and then "show all jobs" to get a listing of all current posted positions. Make sure to click on "next page" at the bottom of the screen to see additional listings.

How can I find out the salary for a position?

We do not publish salary ranges, which may be different from the hiring range. This information is discussed with candidates when they are interviewed. You may also state your salary expectations in your resume.

I saw a position on your website, but it wasn't there the next time I looked. Can I still submit my resume for that position?

Positions are removed from our website when they are no longer available for candidates to submit resumes. However, as new positions are added to our site, the location of the position may move—make sure to click on "next page" at the bottom of the screen to see additional listings.

I prefer to send a paper resume. What is your mailing address?

We only accept applications through our on-line system. If you don’t have access to a computer, please visit your local library.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Call the Corporate Staffing Office at (414) 665-4899 or email Corporate Staffing at to have your password reset.

If I'm offered a position with Northwestern Mutual, will I be required to take a Physical or Drug Test?

Yes, all candidates offered a position with Northwestern Mutual are required to take a drug test. Physicals are required for certain positions.


Pre-Employment Screening

In today's complex business environment, the ability to hire successful employees is critical to an organization's overall success. Northwestern Mutual uses many human resource methods for assessing potential candidates: resume screening, competency-based interviews, reference and background checks, verification of employment and education and pre-employment testing.

Pre-employment Tests

Pre-employment tests are an objective part of a selection process. These tests are professionally developed to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities required to successfully perform on the job.

Applicants typically see only the test itself. The test is actually a culmination of a process called "test validation." This "validation" process links job performance and test performance, allowing companies to, in essence, predict success on the job. The process also includes "checks and balances" to comply with government regulations and stringent professional guidelines to ensure fair treatment of all applicants. Selection decisions are based upon clear criteria linked to job performance.

Benefits of Testing

Benefits of testing to the applicant include:
  1. A fair process that accurately measures the applicants' skills and abilities.

  2. The use of objective information and criteria related to performance on the target job to promote unbiased decision making.

  3. Candidates benefit by attaining jobs in which they have a reasonable chance of success.

Benefits of testing to the company include:
  1. Selecting capable employees who have a good chance of being successful on their new job.

  2. Less turnover due to people being suited and comfortable in their new roles.

  3. Cost savings due to the productivity and increased tenure of employees.

What Types of Tests Does Northwestern Mutual Use?

The type of test administered to candidates depends on the position, but may include:

  • Clerical skills tests

  • Job knowledge tests

  • Aptitude tests

  • Job simulations

On any test, Northwestern Mutual will reasonably accommodate candidates with special needs as necessary and appropriate.

How Should I Study for Pre-Employment Tests?

Tests measure the knowledge and ability you have attained in life through formal schooling, extra-curricular activities and other experiences. Research has shown the short-term advice that can be given to applicants is to practice taking tests. The practice test should be taken in an environment that closely matches the quiet, well-lighted rooms of an employment office. Quizzes found in magazines, books and other materials can be found for such practice test exercises. It is important that you time yourself to best learn how to work quickly and efficiently. This will also help you get accustomed to answering the types of questions asked in employment tests.

Checklist for preparing for the day of the test:

  1. Allow yourself enough time to arrive so you are not rushed prior to the testing.

  2. You should be well rested so fatigue does not adversely affect your score.

  3. You may be nervous, but when important events occur in your life it is not unusual to be nervous.

  4. If you are sick or in poor health, call ahead and ask if it is possible to reschedule testing. Let us know as soon as possible so arrangements can be made.

Test-taking Strategies

Although no "best" way of test taking exists for each individual, several strategies can allow the test taker to optimize their own performance.

Strategy 1
Work as quickly and accurately as possible. Most of the tests administered in employment situations are timed. Since the number correct influence how well you perform, you should not spend an inordinate amount of time on any item. By spending too much time on any item you essentially limit your ability to reach other items that may be easier for you. Your first act is to note the amount of time available and the number of items included on the test.

Strategy 2
 Listen carefully to the test administrator and when possible read along as the administrator gives the instructions. This step cannot be overlooked. The instructions will include information on the number of items, the format, the time allotted and even hints about scoring and strategy.

Strategy 3
 Work out the sample problems completely and make sure you understand the format of the items prior to testing. The test publisher is not attempting to trick the test taker. The sample items may be easier but are essentially similar to the format of actual test items.

Strategy 4
If you think you know the right answer, go ahead and answer the question. At minimum, rule out answers you know are incorrect. If you have no idea of the correct answer, then guessing wildly will rarely give you the desired result. Additionally, if the test penalizes guessing, your score can actually be decreased.

Strategy 5
Work steadily until time is called. Check your work but be careful changing answers. Research suggests that a changed answer is often incorrect. Try not to get frustrated with really difficult items. Continue on since other items in the test may be easier to you. Also remember, if the items are difficult to you, these same items may also be difficult to others.

Strategy 6
Ask questions prior to test administration if you do not understand the question format or test requirements.


Northwestern Mutual Place is a four-building complex near Milwaukee's Lake Michigan waterfront. Enclosed elevated skywalks connect the buildings, which surround the plaza made up of walkways, beautiful landscaping and one of Milwaukee's many water fountains.

A second campus in Franklin, Wisconsin opened in June 2004. The additional space will accommodate the company's expanding business requirements, growing employee population and the emergency business continuity needs.

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