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Roberto Valles

Learn how Roberto continues a proud tradition of service and commitment in his work as a financial representative. See how his passion for financial education is helping clients live the best life possible.

Roberto Valles

Enlisting in the United States Navy right out of high school, Roberto served his country from 2006 to 2009 and was stationed at Naval Air Station Atlanta. A core member of a fast-paced Naval Administration Department and high-volume mail facility, he excelled in his roles as Petty Officer Second Class and NCIS-trained Auxiliary Security Force member.

After discharge, Roberto earned a degree in finance from Georgia State University, completed an internship with Northwestern Mutual and went on to recruit and mentor other interns for the program. Building on his military service, Roberto also mentored veterans transitioning to civilian life.

In His Own Words

Making a Difference

People need good resources and targeted education to help them understand issues affecting their finances. That’s why I’m so passionate about financial education.

I’ve seen how poor financial planning can affect a person’s life and limit possibilities. In school, there was no education on planning, saving or managing risk. In the military, I had a steady paycheck, so I didn’t think much about my financial future. Later, I made it my mission to build a solid financial path for myself and for the people I serve.

I’ve always wanted my life to be centered on service. In my work, I don’t want to simply “sell a product.” I’m proud to serve the community by helping clients achieve financial wellbeing so they can live the best life possible. Northwestern Mutual gives me the right platform to do that—to really help people.

Career Rewards/Challenges

I love getting to know clients and understanding their needs and goals. It’s rewarding to help people secure their financial futures, to get out of debt and to save for things that are important to them. My proudest moment is when someone says, “You really made a difference in my life. Thank you for explaining this to me; thank you for helping me plan.”

My greatest career challenge was growing my client base. I grew up in Denver, but I began my career in Atlanta. With only a few local contacts, I really had to work at building a client list. The military taught me to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to succeed—so I was ready to meet this challenge.

Career Advice

There’s a seamless transition from the military to a career as a financial representative. As a veteran, you know the value of courage, commitment and leadership, and you know the importance of paying attention to detail. These values will drive your success.

When you’re choosing a career, make sure it’s honorable work. In the military, I felt the valor and pride in serving my country. Today, I feel pride in working with Northwestern Mutual, a company built on tradition, service and honor—a leader in the industry and in the community.

Learn More About Roberto Valles

Roberto gives seminars of financial education and serves his community in many ways. He has enjoyed great success in his career as a financial representative, earning the Northwestern Mutual Pacesetter Second 60 and Pacesetter First 40 Awards.

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