Northwestern Mutual financial stability statement

We want to assure you that Northwestern Mutual is prepared for whatever comes our way, and we're here for you no matter what. Our advisors are ready to answer any questions you have and are equipped with tools like virtual meetings and secure document sharing. If you don't already have an advisor, we can help you get matched with one.

While many things are in question, our financial stability is not one of them. We have the highest financial strength ratings of any life insurer from all major rating agencies,1 allowing us to face volatility with confidence. For over 160 years, we've stood strong through everything. After all, this is what we plan for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Northwestern Mutual offer insurance (life, DI, etc.) to people who have recovered from (COVID–19)?
Yes. People who have recovered from mild cases of COVID–19 can apply for coverage when free of symptoms for one month and be included in our typical underwriting process. People who were hospitalized for COVID–19 can be considered in our underwriting process after they recover and resume normal activities, generally several months after hospitalization. All applications are subject to underwriting and the company's underwriting standards. We continuously evaluate new medical information regarding COVID–19, and these guidelines may be updated as new information becomes available.
Will Northwestern Mutual disability income insurance cover disability due to coronavirus?
Yes. As with any disability claim, we will evaluate each case and cover disability due to sickness as outlined in the policyowner's insurance contract. So far, there have yet to be any indications that coronavirus (COVID–19) causes long-term disability, but we will uphold our policy agreement.
Will Northwestern Mutual be able to sustain business in the event of a quarantine in Milwaukee, New York, or a local office?
Yes. Northwestern Mutual is extremely well prepared for the unexpected with management programs to ensure all critical business continues as usual, including paying claims and transacting investment trades.
How is Northwestern Mutual staying up to date on medical and government developments as information changes rapidly?
Northwestern Mutual has a dedicated Infectious Disease & Environmental Risk Team (IDERT) led by a group of in-house doctors who monitor and meet daily to review developments shared by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and other major medical outlets. In addition, the company communicates with the Milwaukee Health Department for any changes regarding public health conditions that may affect employees in our Milwaukee campuses.
I'm concerned about market volatility and my returns because of the coronavirus. What are you advising clients to do?
Northwestern Mutual's financial goals for clients are to create portfolios based on individual goals and objectives, and to build long-term financial plans. These long-term plans are designed to withstand economic downturns. Your financial representative is best suited to help you with any specific concerns you may have and to reinforce how long-term plans can help keep goals on track.
Should I be concerned about the company's ability to remain strong amid the market volatility?
No. Northwestern Mutual is here for you and for the unexpected. Our surplus is the highest it has ever been, and we were awarded the highest possible financial strength ratings to any U.S. life insurer by the major ratings agencies. We consider extreme events like recessions or increases in mortality to ensure we are prepared not only to weather an extreme event, but to continue as a financially strong enterprise. Based on the latest information, while the novel coronavirus is serious, it is not nearly as severe as the most extreme outbreaks we model.

Our expert perspective

Even as a lot is changing in the world around us, our financial professionals are here for you through it all. Our financial experts are monitoring the situation closely as events unfold, and we're collecting the most recent thinking in Life and Money to keep you up to date.

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How we're supporting our clients, communities, and employees

These are unprecedented times. As our country continues to navigate and respond to the coronavirus, it's a time of questions—what will happen next, how life will change in the coming days and weeks, what's in store for the economy, and more.

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AAA, Aaa, and AA+ the highest financial strength ratings of any life insurer from all four major rating agencies1

Financial strength award, AM Best® global rating agency, 2019

96% of our policyowners stay with us year over year.

of our policyowners stay with us year over year2

Statistic for Northwestern Mutual, based on Northwestern Mutual policyowner data.

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We're here to serve you

Please contact your financial representative with any questions, service requests or confirmation of office closures. If you are unable to reach our local office and require immediate assistance, please call 800-388-8123 Monday–Friday, 7am–6pm CT for policy owner services, trading or other investment-related inquiries, and we will be able to assist you. As the spread of COVID–19 continues to impact and disrupt daily life, know that we are concerned about the health and public safety impact to your well-being and financial affairs. Be assured that Northwestern Mutual is diligently prepared for this situation and is taking appropriate steps as needed to continue servicing your financial needs during this crisis.

How to send correspondence

Please refrain from sending mail correspondence or checks to your local office. If you need to send documents to your advisor, please use email and electronic funds transmittals (ETFs). Your financial representative can help you set up an ETF. In case you are unable to send materials electronically, please use the mailing addresses below.

For non-investment materials

Please send all correspondence, with the exception of investment checks, to Northwestern Mutual headquarters:

Northwestern Mutual

P.O. Box 2958
Milwaukee, WI  53201

For investment materials

Investment related checks can be sent directly to Pershing. Always include the Pershing account number (found on your statement) on the face of each check and any supporting documents:

Non-Retirement Checks – Regular Mail

Pershing LLC

P.O. Box 382121
Pittsburgh, PA  15250–8121

Non-Retirement Checks – Express/Tracked Mail

Pershing LLC

Attn: 382121  500 Ross Street 154–0455
Pittsburgh, PA  15262–0001

Rollover Checks – Express/Tracked Mail

Pershing LLC

Attn: 382084  500 Ross Street 154–0455
Pittsburgh, PA  15262–0001

Rollover/IRA Contribution Checks – Regular Mail

Pershing LLC

P.O. Box 382084
Pittsburgh, PA  15250–8084

Recognizing that many clients have specific questions or needs, our teams are ready to help—and we thank you, in advance, for your patience while we respond to a higher-than-normal volume of inquiries.