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Rise Above the Things That Hold You Back

Insights & Ideas Team •  December 26, 2014 | Inspiring Stories

“We all have disabilities,” Paralympic Gold Medalist Mallory Weggemann said from her wheelchair. Her disability is evident. But she believes disabilities aren’t only physical. “It can be financial; it can be spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, familial, and the list goes on,” Mallory said.

How you deal with that disability is ultimately what will define you. Mallory was paralyzed at age 18. For three months she listened to people tell her what she wouldn’t do in life. Before her paralysis she had been a swimmer, and getting back in the water for therapy terrified her.

But she overcame the fear and taught herself how to swim using only her upper body. She went on to win gold at the Paralympic games in London.

It wasn’t easy, but in small steps, Mallory overcame her disability. And she questions why you can’t overcome yours. “When circumstance steps in and alters our course, what do we do with that? Do we allow it to define us? Do we allow it to paralyze us? Or do we rise above and find a way to press onward?” Hear more from Mallory in this short video.

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