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The B-Word: Overcoming Stereotypes

Insights & Ideas Team •  August 11, 2014 | Focus on Women

One of the things that holds many of us back, especially women, is a lack of confidence. But what about appearing too confident? For many women, fear of being labeled as “bossy” or “abrasive” can prevent them from building their confidence or pursuing leadership roles.

Those labels and stereotypes were a key topic of conversation at a recent Northwestern Mutual event, Inspiring Leaders: The Power of You. “There are bosses who are bossy, and there are bosses who are leaders,” ForbesWoman president and publisher Moira Forbes said. Forbes believes that staying authentic to yourself and having a strong sense of self-awareness can help women get over their fear of being labeled. She often tells women that in order to be effective leaders, they need to connect with other people— and sometimes that means adjusting your style in order to engage others, but it always means earning and commanding respect.

In this video, Forbes, Northwestern Mutual Senior Vice President Joann Eisenhart, Ph.D., and entrepreneur Ingrid Vanderveldt share more advice on overcoming stereotypes:

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