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3 Apps Working Women Use to Get Things Done 3 Apps Working Women Use to Get Things Done
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3 Apps Working Women Use to Get Things Done

Insights & Ideas Team •  November 5, 2015 | Focus on Women, Business and Careers, Home and Family

In the non-stop quest to stay on top of details, keep commitments and make the most of every minute, mobile technology is a must for many professionals. No single app can address every challenge that busy, working women face, but when it comes to managing tasks, documents and travel, these three could help boost your confidence and productivity.

ToDoist lets you list and organize tasks and check off completed ones. You can access the app from any mobile device or computer, knowing your list will stay up-to-date everywhere and all the time thanks to automatic syncing. If your productivity currently revolves around a jumble of papers, this app may help de-clutter your desk and your brain.

“I put everything in ToDoist,” said Dahlia Walker, a communicator who used to jot reminders on sticky notes. Fed up with forgetting and misplacing those notes, she switched to ToDoist. “Any step I need to take—at work, at home, even taking time for me—it all goes into the app,” she said.

In the past year, ToDoist has helped Walker navigate a home move and a career shift by keeping important details in view. Through a clean look and simple navigation, the app helps her focus by making it easy to see what’s next. “When I focus on something, it happens,” she said.

Google Docs is a take-anywhere tool for writing, editing and collaborating on documents. Even if everyone around you is using Microsoft Word, you can still share and collaborate on files from your phone, tablet or computer. The app works whether you’re connected to the Internet or not.

Google Docs has become popular—and sometimes even mandatory—in schools. English teacher Jamie Dyer isn’t required to use the app but adopted it based on a co-worker’s recommendation. Now she has a hard time imagining a productive day without Google Docs.

“I can save all my documents in one place and work from anywhere,” said Dyer, “even on my phone or iPad or on my home computer. No more need to carry—or lose—a flash drive.”

The app’s editing and commenting features let multiple people contribute to a shared project. Changes save automatically, without even a click. And if someone else is editing a document you share, you can log in and follow their cursor to see the input in real time.

Investing for You: 5 Critical Questions for a Smart StrategyGoogle Docs is free, and so are its companion products for spreadsheets, presentations and forms. File storage is free up to 15GB, with the option to buy more space for a monthly fee.

TripAdvisor puts a world of travel resources right in your purse or pocket. If your company doesn’t offer central booking for flights and hotels, this app could stand in as your travel agent. Even if your company does have corporate travel services, TripAdvisor can be handy before, during and after a trip.

“TripAdvisor makes it easy to look for new places to eat, especially in cities I don’t know as well,” said Beverly Flores, a manager whose work involves frequent trips. Enabled with GPS, TripAdvisor lets you search for nearby attractions and restaurants and even reserve a table online.

The app shows not just where you can go, but how much you might enjoy the experience, based on millions of reviews from travelers who have already tried the places you’re considering.

“I like that I can contribute my own reviews and help other people,” said Flores. By adding comments and photos, you’ll be joining a global conversation about the best and worst places to eat, stay and play.

If you’re looking for other ways to increase your productivity or stay organized, search your favorite app store for helpful tools. With more than 1.5 million apps on the market, you’re bound to find something that can help.

This post is one in a four-part series on apps women trust to manage what matters. Next: Apps for Moms.

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