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A View Like None Other

December 16, 2015 | Rose Bowl 2017

bleachersImagine having just a few weeks to build bleachers that seat 85,000 people. Pressure? Sure. High expectations? Absolutely. Enter Sindee Riboli. She’s the President of Sharp Seating Company, the official grandstand company for the Rose Parade.

Riboli’s family-owned business has been building Rose Parade grandstands for 75-years. Riboli’s dad asked her to join the company three decades ago. She left an accounting job and never looked back.

Prepping Perfection

Sharp Seating Company begins its bleacher prep November 7th for the parade on New Year’s Day. The work begins in the parade’s most high profile location, “Right at TV corner, Orange Grove and Colorado, that’s where we break ground,” says Riboli. Sharp Seating also builds the platforms for network TV cameras and any scaffolding needed along the route.

Riboli says a crew of 60-85 people work seven days a week for nearly six weeks to finish on time. Everything is completed about five days prior to the parade to have time for city inspection. Then on January 1st, 450 Sharp Seating volunteers make sure everyone has a positive experience.

It’s not Just a Parade

“It’s a time of renewal and thought for everyone in the New Year. You’re always hopeful and it’s always exciting,” says Riboli. She admits that seeing the Rose Parade step off every year is an emotional moment, “I’m such a sap. I always just start bawling, because you work so hard for the parade and it means so much to so many people, it’s not just a parade. It’s a big deal.”

Then, just as quickly as they set up, crews form Sharp Seating tear everything down. Riboli says everything is packed up and gone by January 20th, stored away for next year.

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