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Dance Circle
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Dance Circle

November 25, 2015 | Rose Bowl

Dance CircleDancing is in Peyton Richardson’s bones. “I love that rush of butterflies when you’re standing in the wings and you’re just about to go on stage. Me and my friends get nervous before, but when you step a foot on stage, all of the butterflies go away. All you can think about is dancing like you’ve never danced before.”

One of Peyton’s favorite moments before any performance is something she described as a “dance circle.” She says company members go on stage and form a circle. They are all connected by arms that are intertwined and hooked at the pinkie. The dance and art directors will give a pep talk of sorts, and then someone says a prayer for everyone to have a good show and that there are no injuries. “And then after we pray, we all go one, two, three and yell wooo! And we all spin around and our arms untie,” Peyton describes.

A Dream Fulfilled

At the end of every dance year Peyton and her dance mates participate in a recital in which things like the dance circle happen. Peyton says those moments are special to her. “At the end of the recital I always say, ‘Oh, I’ve got to keep doing this because I got to perform on stage. I got to be what I wanted to be since I was three.’”

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