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Beautiful Music
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Making Beautiful Music

November 30, 2015 | Rose Bowl

Beautiful MusicBallerinas dance to music all the time. Peyton Richardson may have rhythm coursing through her veins. But writing a song and singing are very different than dancing. Yet all of them can help someone stay distracted from his or her fight against cancer. And distractions are a wonderful thing.

“Anything that takes my mind off of it can get me into a better attitude,” says Peyton.

Purple Songs Can Fly

A program at Texas Children’s Hospital, where Peyton is being treated, fits this bill perfectly. The program is called “Purple Songs Can Fly.”

“They let you write your own song about anything you want,” recalls Peyton. The program allows children to write their own lyrics and record a song onto their very own CD.

“I love to do that,” Peyton says. “I did that a lot when I was getting this one medicine. I was scared. It [the medicine] was a yellow chemo, and I don’t like to look at it going into my body, so I did purple songs a lot that week. That would take my mind off the chemo going into my body.”

One of Peyton’s songs, “Free to Fun,” was written with the help of her younger brother, Major. He even helped her record it.

It’s a Hit

Peyton’s first song, though, is the one that may ring most true. The song is entitled “I’m Gonna Dance Forever.” Peyton shared some of the lyrics:

I’m gonna dance forever.
I’m gonna dance all night.
I’m gonna dance ‘til dawn.
I’ll dance right through this fight.

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