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Heard word cancer
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Once You Hear the Word Cancer, You Can Never Take it Back

November 19, 2015 | Rose Bowl

Heard word cancerIt took just hours for Peyton Richardson to go from what she thought was simply a spell of being really tired to being admitted to the hospital as a likely leukemia patient.

“We had to put the GPS on to get to Texas Children’s Hospital because we had never been there before,” says Peyton’s mom, Carrie. When they walked in the door, the staff was ready and waiting. A nurse asked why they were there, and Carrie told them that Peyton was a potential leukemia patient. “She just looked at me and looked at Peyton, and she handed Peyton a face mask. We were just numb … completely … numb.”

The family spent the night in the ER, and that evening a nurse wrote a note on the white board in Peyton’s room. It read: “Get well and go home.” In the morning an oncologist came into the room and told the family that Peyton was being admitted. Shortly after, the nurse came in and erased “go home” from the white board.

“That was hard to see,” says Carrie. “So that’s how we found out. We went from Nutcracker and dancing beautifully to ‘Your child has leukemia.’”

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