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Perfection in Flowers

December 30, 2015 | Rose Bowl

Float detailsNorthwestern Mutual’s Dancing into Adventure float in this year’s Rose Bowl parade will be a showstopper to be certain. Here are some of the details that will make each feature so special:

  • The float will feature a 22-foot tall ballerina. Parade rules require her to be able to fold to 16-feet in just 60 seconds to accommodate the drive form the float building station to the parade route which goes under a freeway overpass.
  • The float will be 55-feet long and weigh approximately 21 tons.
  • 7,000-pounds of the float’s weight will be from flowers, glue and decorations.
  • Decorating the Northwestern Mutual float will take 7,000 hours.
  • The float’s pink carpet runs from a music box to the front of the float and it will be constructed solely of roses. Each square foot will require 60 roses.
  • The beaks of the swans will be made of orange lentil beans. The delicacy of the beak requires each bean to be applied individually using a tweezers. The black on the beaks will be seaweed. The swan feathers will be made of coconut flakes to insure they look sleek.
  • It requires two drivers to navigate the float. The second driver proceeds “blind” relying only on radio commands to know where to go.
  • Some of the fresh flowers on the float include: Roses, Gerbera Daisies and Orchids, all of which must be placed in individual water vials before being secured onto the float.

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