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The Best OK
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The Best OK Ever

November 24, 2015 | Rose Bowl

The Best OK“In walks this beautiful and animated Dr. Dreyer, and she opened the door and said she had to meet this Peyton Richardson that she kept getting all of these emails about,” Peyton’s mom, Carrie, remembers.

Dr. Dreyer is Peyton’s oncologist. There were several people who knew the Richardsons and also knew Dr. Dreyer, so there was a virtual lobbying effort to make the connection happen. Dr. Dreyer recalls, “I heard about her and wanted to meet her. Peyton has this incredibly magnetic personality.”

But Dr. Dreyer knew that to keep Peyton’s eyes shining bright, they were going to have to work fast to try to get her back to dance.

Being Normal

“People have different approaches on what they let kids do during treatment. I’m kind of ‘if they can do it safely, just do it.’ Ballet is what keeps her heart going and gives her the fight to fight the leukemia. So that the big battle is how long can you stay on your toes, and the smaller battle is leukemia. Being successful in dance gives her the power to be successful over her leukemia.”

Peyton missed about two months of dancing before getting the OK she’d been waiting for, the OK from Dr. Dreyer to head back into the studio. It soon became clear that Peyton’s best medicine, her best coping mechanism, was dance.

“At dance I can be normal and forget about everything. That’s why I love going,” Peyton says. She adds that her forced time away has made her appreciate ballet even more.

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