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The Bravest Ballerina
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The Bravest Ballerina You'll Meet

November 16, 2015 | Rose Bowl

1 Bravest Ballerina_2This New Year’s Day millions will watch as America’s New Year Celebration® takes center stage. Sitting right in the middle of it will be a young girl whose time in the spotlight has come.

Sweet, reserved, a wonderful friend and the best sister are words people close to 13-year-old Peyton Richardson use to describe her. Leukemia patient would also be on that list. She’s been battling the disease for about one year.

Peyton’s favorite word to describe herself is an easy choice: dancer. She started at age three, and dance provides Peyton a mental and physical release, as well as friends and a support system on her down days. Peyton says it’s simple: “Dancing is harder than fighting cancer.”

A Dream in Flowers

Northwestern Mutual is committed to the fight against childhood cancer and wanted to align this year’s Rose Parade® theme Find Your Adventure with helping a child battling cancer live out his or her greatest adventure. Peyton won a contest held by Northwestern Mutual in which we asked childhood cancer patients to describe their greatest adventure.

Peyton’s choice for an adventure is to visit the renowned dance companies in the world, learning from the principal dancer at each. We’re passionate about helping Peyton and all children fighting cancer live out their dreams. This year we’ll bring Peyton’s dream to life on Northwestern Mutual’s float in the Rose Parade.

Peyton and her family in Sugar Land, Texas, are joining with us in this adventure and in the effort to raise awareness of the fight against childhood cancers. We hope you will join us.

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