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Now more than ever, planning for your retirement is critical. Gone are the days when pensions and Social Security provided all of the income you needed for retirement. The new reality is that you are responsible for managing your own retirement, and that starts with making sure you’re strategic in your planning.

We can help. At Northwestern Mutual, our approach to retirement planning is designed to help you get to—and through—retirement with a greater level of financial confidence, so you can relax knowing you have a road map to achieve your goals.

Start by considering how much to save for retirement, where to save it and how to protect the nest egg you're working so hard to build. Learn the strategies in Saving for Retirement.

And then, as you zero in on retirement, you'll need a different set of strategies to manage risk and make your money last through retirement. Learn how to optimize your retirement income in Approaching Retirement.

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The Northwestern Mutual Difference

Rather than simply looking at income needs, we take an offensive and defensive approach to retirement planning; one that focuses on optimizing income and managing risk. Using our unique retirement planning tool, our clients can create a 90 percent probability of success that their money will last a lifetime.