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Develop a retirement income plan you can count on.

The strategies you use to get to retirement are not the same strategies you'll need to make sure your money lasts through retirement.

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The key is to fine-tune your approach to planning as you near retirement. It's like climbing a mountain. You may train for years to make the climb, but as you start your ascent, you'll need to pay attention to things like wind and weather and other climbers on the mountain; risk factors you can't necessarily control. And if they threaten your plan, you may have to change course—or take a more conservative approach—to reach the summit safely.

The same holds true for retirement income planning. Even though you may be doing your part to save for retirement, you will need to fine-tune your plan as you get closer to that stage of your life to manage the risks you cannot control.

Through a process called probability analysis, we'll test your plan against thousands of different scenarios to take the guesswork out of creating retirement income that will last.

How does 90 percentprobability of success sound?

In recent years, financial professionals have used Monte Carlo simulation as a research tool to determine the maximum amount of retirement income in real dollars that can be supported each year by someone’s nest egg with a certain probability of success. The research has focused on risks such as market volatility and inflation for a retirement income plan.2 But to increase the probability of success, it's critical to consider other risks, as well.

We've tested thousands of hypothetical plans to determine the maximum amount of income a plan could provide while meeting a certain probability of success, giving consideration to factors such as:

  • Market volatility
  • Inflation
  • Taxes
  • Health care costs
  • Long-term care
  • Longevity

Out of the thousands of plans tested, we identified the top-performing plans that provided the most income with a high degree of confidence.3

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The Northwestern Mutual Difference

Rather than simply looking at income needs, we take an offensive and defensive approach to retirement planning; one that focuses on optimizing income and managing risk. Using our unique retirement planning tool, our clients can create a 90 percent probability of success that their money will last a lifetime.