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Mitigate The Six Risks of Retirement

Successfully address the six key risks to your retirement income plan.

As you prepare for retirement, you'll want to address the key risks that can interfere with your ability to reach your financial goals and live the life you envision. 

  • Longevity
    Today people are  living longer, healthier lives than previous generations, yet many still underestimate their life expectancy. Unless you're realistic about your longevity, you may put yourself at risk of outliving your retirement savings.
  • Market
    Investments provide growth potential to keep pace with rising costs. However, all investments carry some risk of loss, and the market can be volatile in the short term—impacting how much money you’ll have in retirement.
  • Inflation and Taxes
    Both inflation and taxes can take a bite out of your retirement savings—inflation by reducing the purchasing power of what you have and taxes by reducing the amount of income you have left to spend or invest.
  • Health Care Costs
    One of the misconceptions people have about health care in retirement is that all costs will be covered by Medicare. Medicare doesn't cover things like co-pays, vision, dental and hearing expenses, which can add up fast.
    Fewerr than a third have addressed the need for Long-Term Care within their own retirement plans
  • Long-Term Care
    The expenses associated with a prolonged illness that requires special care can take a toll on your retirement savings, depleting the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate.
  • Leaving a Legacy
    Fulfilling the goal to leave a financial legacy for loved ones or a charitable organization often involves tradeoffs: striking a balance between meeting your retirement income needs and satisfying your legacy desires.
  • By addressing these six key risks of retirement, you'll be taking a critical step toward achieving financial security in retirement.

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Rather than simply looking at income needs, we take an offensive and defensive approach to retirement planning; one that focuses on optimizing income and managing risk. Using our unique retirement planning tool, our clients can create a 90 percent probability of success that their money will last a lifetime.