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Non-qualified benefits are for owners and key employees. As the owner of a closely held business, you may already offer (and participate in) a qualified retirement plan such as a SEP, Simple or 401(k). If so, you're well aware that, while qualified plans offer significant tax advantages and meaningful benefits, there are rules governing contribution limits, minimum distributions, early withdrawals and minimum vesting amounts. You can, however, supplement the compensation for key employees who may be limited by participating in qualified programs.

Non-qualified benefits give you and your key employees additional ways to save for the future, through solutions such as:

A supplemental executive retirement plan,

which allows you to promise to pay additional income to yourself or your key employees at a later date, which is usually retirement.

An executive deferred compensation plan,

which allows you or your key employees to forego receipt of a portion of current income until a later date, which is usually retirement.

Bonus plans,

which provide you or your key employees with additional income that can be used to purchase insurance, annuity or investment products.

By doing so, you'll be giving your business a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining top talent while recognizing the dedication and commitment of your most important contributors.

We can help you tailor and implement plans to meet your business's objectives and the needs of each person covered.

Learn more about the benefits—for you and your key employees—by downloading Rewarding Key Contributors with Non-qualified Benefit Plans.

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